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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 10

Chiaki: Anzu, are you okay!? I swooped in as soon as I heard it was serious! What the heck’s going on!?

Shinobu: Shhh. Anzu-dono seems to have dozed off due to the side-effects of her medicine. It would be a shame to wake her up, so please speak quietly.

Chiaki: O-oh. You’re taking care of her, Sengoku. Wait, if she took medicine, then does that mean it’s a cold?

Shinobu: Ah, no. Anzu-dono became seasick… But since she took medicine for her motion sickness, she should recover after a bit of rest.

Chiaki: I-I see. That’s a relief. But seasickness… Was that because of a lack-of sleep?

Shinobu: That may be so. This morning, she said she was too excited to fall asleep.

Yuuta-kun and I were going to hang out around the ship, and as we left the lounge we met Tetora-kun...

He shouted that Anzu-dono was in trouble as he ran past, and I felt a twinge of shock.

Worried, we ran right back to the lounge where we found Anzu-dono...

Hinata: Oooh, seems like you’re awake! Good mo~rning, Anzu-san ♪

Uwah, you jumped up!? ...You’re going to be late...? Anzu-san, you’re so out of it~

How’re you feeling? Your head’s clearing up? I see~, your complexion’s looking better too. I’m sooo relieved ♪

Chiaki: Fufu, so Anzu’s also the type to bounce back quickly with some medicine. I’m glad it wasn’t anything major.

Shinobu: Anzu-dono? I was fumbling about just a moment ago, so I did not notice at first, but… What you have in your hands are our outfits for this live, yes?

It would be terrible if you pricked yourself with the needle, so allow me to take care of it.

Huh? The outfits are completed? ...I see, I see, so the moment you were glad to be done with the outfits, you started to feel dizzy, is that it?

Then maybe that is what Tetora-kun witnessed.

Tetora: Ahhh, all that worrying made me hungry! Can I have some steak? I gotta eat meat to get stronger!

Midori: Tetora-kun, why bother asking when you’re already eating them right now…?

Kanata: I want some “water” to drink~. And “fish” to eat instead of “meat”...♪

Shinobu: I had a cupcake earlier, so I’m already full.

Yuuta: I’m a little peckish too~. Maybe I should conquer the whole menu before our Live ♪

Shinobu: Eh—!? You’re still hungry after eating so much? Just where does all that food go, Yuuta-kun…?

Yuta: Ah, right. The sweets you like so much are on the other side, Aniki...

...Hey, Aniki? Why’re you trying to leave the lounge?

Hinata: Umm, well. Since she’s done with the clothes, I thought we’d change into them right now.

Yuuta: Change clothes right now? But we have enough time to eat a bit... You’ve been playing “captain for a day” all day, aren’t you hungry?

Shinobu: However, it is important to check your range of movement in these change of clothes. I shall also head towards the changing room with you.

Hinata: ...Huh!?

Crap! Seems like I forgot something up on the deck. I’ll head your way once I get it back, okay!?

Yuta: Hey, Aniki! ...Geez, why’s he gotta make such a racket?


Kanata: Chiaki, are you worried about “that child”? A “hero” can hear the unheard voices...

You heard “that child’s voice,” didn’t you?

Chiaki and “that child” are a little similar. The way both of you work way too hard on your own...

You should rely on others more. It is because you don’t rely on others that I sometimes feel “irritated”.

Chiaki: R-Right. Sorry. I’ll pay more attention from now on...

But alright, since you seem to get the gist of things, I’m gonna go… Can I leave the kids to you?

Kanata: The “children” are also “growing up”, so I think they will be fine even if I am not around.

But I am a “senpai,” after all. I’ll watch over them properly~... Trust me ♪