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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 11

Hinata: ...

(...Good. Yuuta-kun didn't come after me.

If I'd kept acting that way around Yuuta-kun and the others, he definitely would've gotten suspicious.

...Well, I'm not going to keep up this act forever, but... I want to at least get through the live without anyone noticing.

It'd suck if I ended up doing something that'd make everyone fuss over little ol' me.)

Chiaki: Hinata-kun.

Hinata: Woah, Morisawa-senpai!?

Y-You sure spooked me~... Uh, what's up? Did you need me for something?

Chiaki: Mm-mm. I was a little worried, so I'll get straight to the point.

Hinata-kun, are you not feeling well?

Hinata: ...

Chiaki: ...The cold weather might make you feel worse, so let's go back inside.

Hinata: A-All right...

Chiaki: Hinata-kun, I got us some warm corn soup.

Hinata: Thanks much! Haa... I can feel it warming me from the inside out. There's definitely nothing better than some corn soup to warm up your mind and body in the winter ☆

Chiaki: Ahaha, that sounds like something out of a commercial.

Come to think of it, you and Yutau-kun did one of those for a drink before. It was the talk of the whole town.

Hinata: Yuuta-kun asked Anzu-san to give us work as a Christmas present.

That was the Eve of the Eve Live — I’m really thankful Ryuseitai and Anzu-san helped us out with it, and for helping out this time, too...

But now that I feel warmer, let me answer your question.

Just as you guessed, I’m not feeling that great. I feel a little feverish, so I might’ve caught a cold.

Ah! But it’s not so bad that it’ll throw me out of whack or anything like that, really! It might’ve been because I jumped out of bed while I was asleep.

Yesterday I piled on a bunch of futons, so this morning I felt like I was burning up~

I was trying to make sure I wasn’t gonna get sick, since we can’t afford something like that happening, but it looks like my plans totally backfired... Ahaha.

Chiaki: Hmm, so it really was a fever after all...

Hinata: Mrmm, I was totally confident in my ability to hide it, you know~? Though I was worried Yuuta-kun would notice...

You watch people way more closely than I thought, Morisawa-senpai.

Chiaki: Well, I was hoping I was just overthinking it. I’m glad I wasn’t though... Or no, I suppose I’m not actually...

If you’re really not feeling well, then you shouldn’t go through with the live...

Hinata: I absolutely can’t agree with that! I was really looking forward to this, and besides... I really don’t want to be a burden to anyone else.

Chiaki: Hmmmm... Putting doing the Live aside, isn’t this something you should explain to everyone else, too?

Chiaki: ...I tried doing everything on my own too, but I ended up causing trouble for everyone around me.

Even though I had friends I could rely on, I was blinded by my selfishness to not ever involve anyone in my problems, and pushed myself so hard that I ended up collapsing.

I really should’ve said something. I regret it even now — it’s a mistake I’m not planning on repeating ever again.

You don’t have to do it all on your own - that’s what friends are for. If you shout for help, then they’ll come running straight to you, no doubt about it.

Hinata: ...

I got it... I’m going to let everyone know everything. I won’t keep hiding it.

...Thank you, Morisawa-senpai.