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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Epilogue 2

Chiaki: “We should start by introducing ourselves. Alright, everyone — let’s do it with lots of passion!”

Tetora: “Got it! The black flames are the mark of effort! The burning fighting spirit, stained with the soil of the earth! Ryusei Black, Nagumo Tetora...☆”

Shinobu: “The yellow flames are the mark of hope! A single miracle shining into the darkness! Ryusei Yellow, Sengoku Shinobu...!”

Midori: “Green flames are the proof of compassion... Healing everyone with things like mascot characters... Ryusei Green, Midori Takamine…”

Kanata: “The blue flames are the mark of mystery! The blue planet, shining within the universe~♪ Ryusei Blue, Shinkai Kanata...☆”

Chiaki: “And finally! The red flames are the mark of justice! Burning bright red, the sun of life! Ryusei Red, Morisawa Chiaki...! ☆”

“Together, we five make Ryuseitai!”

Hinata: “Yep yep. Check us out too~♪”

“We’re the two-as-one twin idols, 2wink~. I’m Aoi Hinata!”

Yuuta: “I’m Aoi Yuuta! Please enjoy this joint performance between Ryuseitai and 2wink until the very end! ♪”

Shinobu: Hooo, the sea breeze is striking me without mercy~! We truly are performing on a ship’s upper deck, aren’t we.

Yuuta: It’s time to show them the fruits of our labor.

...Are you feeling a little nervous, Shinobu-kun? Your hand’s trembling. But it's weirdly calming to hold hands like this, isn't it?

Shinobu: ...It’s amazing how composed you are, Yuuta-kun. Are you not worried about Hinata-kun?

Yuuta: Ahh, there’s nothing to worry about. If he was really super sick, then I’d be out cold too.

But he seems to be lagging behind ‘cause he was just asleep a second ago, so I have to cover for him... Shinobu-kun, could you help us?

Shinobu: Understood! You have completely swept away all my nervousness, so you can leave it to me~☆

Now now, it’s time I entertain our guests by jumping and flying around with all my might~♪


Tetora: Oooh… Sengoku-kun and Yuuta-kun sure are quick~

Without using the stage’s equipment at all, they're doing all kinds of absolutely amazing stunts you'd only think about trying!

Midori: No way, it's totally impossible for us to do what they're doing, right..? You’d die trying...

Tetora: Nonono, we’ve gotta try too! We gotta at least show off everything we practiced!

Hinata-kun was just sick a while ago, so we gotta do everything we can together!


Chiaki: (Good good, it’s all coming together! Yuuta-kun’s and Sengoku’s acrobatics have caught the crowd by surprise, while Nagumo’s and Takamine’s singing voices have caught their ears.)

Kanata: Chiaki, you seem happy~

Chiaki: Of course! I’m really revved up! Isn’t this so nice? Comrades sure are wonderful!This is what youth’s all about...☆

Kanata: Those children are doing their best — so we should do our best as well~

Our sea “friends” are “lending us a fin”, too~♪

Chiaki: Huwoah!? Dolphins jumped out! There’s a lot of them... I don’t think you get to see this many even in an aquarium show...

How amazing! But I won’t be defeated — I’ll sing with everything I’ve got!


Kanata: (Ufufu. All of the “dolphins” are happy to listen to Chiaki’s “song”.

I’m feeling “buoyant” as well~. I’m truly glad I came.)


Hinata: Hyahoo, things sure look fun~! I feel like I’ve sprouted wings, my body’s so light ♪

Chiaki: Hinata-kun!

Are you really in fighting form? If you’re still feeling bad, then don’t force yourself — you can just stay behind us and sing.

Hinata: Ahaha, there’s nothing to worry about~! As you can see, I’m brimming with energy!

I’m especially happy to be on stage with everyone. Seriously, thank you so, so much...!

I just keep owing you though, don’t I?

I’d thought I’d use this Live to pay you back for that time with the Eve of the Eve Live, but it seems like I've just gotten deeper into debt.

Chiaki: Don’t worry about it. But if you truly feel like this is a debt to repay, then... Hinata-kun, when those kids are in trouble, go lend them a helping hand.

Hinata: Sure thing! I want to keep improving our relationship with Ryuseitai with this type of give-and-take ♪

“Everybody~? Ahaha, thanks for lively cheers ♪ We’re 2wink! And with us today is Ryuseitai!”

“Gathered guests, remember us even after the Live’s through, okay~?”

“No, we’ll give you an unforgettable Live! So please enjoy yourselves until the very end ♪”