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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 1

Shinobu: Shinkai-dono~? If you're here, I would like a reply~?

(Mmm, he really isn’t at the fountain huh. He did get scolded by Taichou-dono after swimming in it during winter.

If he's not here, then seriously, where could he be?

Taichou-dono said we are doing a hero show in the park today, so I was asked to find him.

But honestly, the water fountain is his traditional spot, so there is nowhere else I can think he would be.)

He loves water~. But there's no way he'd go swim in the ocean is there?

Aah, the fact that I cannot rule out that possibility scares me~

Just to be sure though, I will also search for him at the beach. If I still do not find him, then it's highly possible he has left the academy.

When I report back to Taichou-dono, I'll ask for his judgement on this.)


Shinobu: Uwaa, what did I just step on!? Onto some weird soft thing... Wait— Shinkai-dono! Wh-why have you fallen here?

U-uh, if you cannot walk, would you like me to lend you a hand to the school infirmary?

Kanata: That "voice" is Shinobu, isn't it~...? Ufufu, are you in "good spirits”?

Shinobu: No no, this is not the time for such a carefree greeting! Shinkai-dono, your body's growing colder and colder.

Here here, I'll help bring you to the infirmary!

Kanata: Shinobu is such a worrywart, huh~. It is okay, my health isn't bad.

Shinobu: Eeh, your face does not look "not bad", but your color's not good. It's gone far past blue to a pure white...

Don't tell me— Shinkai-dono, did you swim in the fountain?

Geez, Taichou-dono has always told you not to.

...But your uniform isn't wet.

Huh? Did you only get this bad because you were out here for a long time?

Kanata: That's right~. I don't "remember" how long I've been in this "place". Shinobu, "what time" is it?

Shinobu: Huh? It is almost time for the hero show at the park to begin..?

Kanata: Ah, it is almost that "hour". Mm~ "Time" sure has passed since I have been here all day, hasn’t it?

Shinobu: Wha— Did you just say "all day," you said!? Eehh, you've been at this spot all day, so of course you'd grow colder~.

It is spring according to the calendar, but the chilly weather still hasn't let up. It’d be bad if you caught a cold.

I want you to take better care of yourself!

Kanata: Ahaha... I was scolded. But because I haven’t been able to "swim" my "stress" has been piling up.

I cannot cause "trouble" for Chiaki and everyone else again, so... I "restrained myself" and only dipped a single "finger" into the "fountain".

If even doing that is banned, I will surely die from "stress". And "recently," even "trivial" things have been irritating me.

Letting "stress" pile up isn't good, is it?

Shinobu: Mm~m. I get stressed too when I'm not able to watch my ninja show, so it’s not like I don’t understand what you’re saying.

In any case, we should move you to a warmer spot...

Huh, Anzu-dono? "What's wrong," you ask... Shinkai-dono is in trouble~!

He was not able to swim and stress began accumulating, resulting in him collapsing here as if dead.

Mm? You brought a warm drink?

Thank you! You're incredible, Anzu-dono~! A benevolent goddess~♪

Kanata: I do not do well with "hot water". Please give me some cold "water"...♪

Shinobu: This isn't the time to say something like that, Shinkai-dono! Let us move somewhere the wind cannot hit you for the time being!