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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 3

Chiaki: The red flames are the mark of justice! Burning bright red, the sun of life! Ryusei Red, Morisawa Chiaki...!

As Sengoku isn't here! The yellow flames are the mark of hope! A single miracle shining into the darkness! Ryusei Yellow! Sengoku Shinobu...!

And as Kanata isn't here either! The blue flames are the mark of mystery! The blue planet, shining within the universe! Ryusei Blue, Shinkai Kanata...!

Tetora: The black flames are the mark of effort! The burning fighting spirit, stained with the soil of the earth! Ryusei Black, Nagumo Tetora...!

Midori: ...

Tetora: Midori-kun! Don't just stand there doin' nothing, introduce yourself!

Come on, the audience's eyes are on ya too. It's no good to dash the kids' hopes, is it~?

Midori: Ugh... Green flames are the proof of compassion... Healing everyone with things like mascot characters... Ryusei Green, Midori Takamine...

Chiaki: Alright! The five of us all together! We are Ryuseitai...☆

Hum? There aren't five people here, so it's weird that I'm saying that, you say?

The other day, our two missing members were injured in a battle against a villainous organization... Their condition isn't good, so they're taking the day off.

Hoho. You're a fan of Ryusei Yellow. Yeah, I'll make sure he gets these flowers.

That stuffed dolphin is going to make Kanata happy.

Ah, there's something for all of us? A letter? "Thank you for always putting on a fun hero show"...?

Green, Black! It's a fan letter. I'm so happy, I'm going to keep it as an heirloom forever...☆

But anyway, the hero show has just begun! Let's have fun until the end, everyone!

(Thirty minutes later)

Bye bye~! Everyone, let’s meet again next time!

You did well following me until the end. Sengoku and Kanata couldn't make it today, so it must've been hard filling their places.

Tetora: Nah, that's not true. We do the hero show in the park pretty regularly, y'know~. I've memorized Sengoku-kun's and Shinkai-senpai's lines.

Chiaki: Just a little while before, you were still saying how was embarrassing it is to introduce yourselves like that. Mmhmm, children sure do grow up fast...☆

Midori: No, it was still the usual amount of embarrassing...

Hm? Is that Sengoku-kun...?

Shinobu: He~y, Taichou-dono! I am incredibly sorry for the delay!

Chiaki: No, there's no need to apologize. You got in touch with me after all. Now then, what are Anzu and Hinata-kun doing with you?

Hinata: Uh, let me explain. See, there's going to be a Live on a luxury cruise ship soon...

Chiaki: ... Hmm-hmm. I see. You want to do the Live, but you don't have enough members?

Shinobu: Shinkai-senpai's stress has also been piling up~.

That is why I am requesting to Taichou-dono that we absolutely must do the Live on the sea!

Chiaki: Hahaha ☆ That's admirable, Sengoku! You truly are a kind child who thinks about his upperclassmen!

If someone is in trouble, then a hero should help out without hesitation, and so. Hinata-kun, if it's alright with you, let us cooperate with you.

Hinata: Uwah, really? Thank you very much! Ryuseitai's incredible~♪

Chiaki: But a luxury ship, huh? Doing a Live while cruising on a sounds fun!

Tetora: Yeah. Sailing is an ambition every man holds. I'm starting to feel cheery~♪

Midori: Hold on, a Live on a luxury cruise liner...? With this lineup...? We’ll just embarrass ourselves, let's just stop...

Chiaki: Hm? Aren't you interested in ships? You looked pretty motivated during Pirate Fest.

I thought it was all because you got to do a Live on a ship, but was I wrong?

Midori: That's because I got to be with a mascot character as a reward... Ugh, I'm hesitant to hear about this luxury cruise liner...

Chiaki: Don't worry, Takamine! I've also never been on a luxury cruise liner before! So we're the same! It's reassuring to share the same things together ☆

Midori: I'm just super depressed...

Eh, Anzu-san. While you were preparing costumes, you made a new mascot character design...?

Uwauwa, really? I'm feeling really motivated now...☆

Chiaki: Mm? You prepared our costumes?

It's true that Chocolat Fes just ended, but is that really okay? Things are going to become more lively with "S3" and all.

I see, even though you’re busy you still want to help. Then I won't say anything, just do your best without pushing yourself.

Kanata: Ufufu, I want to quickly go to the "sea". The sea~ so wide, so large~♪

Chiaki: Kanata, I understand that you're happy, but it's dangerous to hang out over the fence. Going "splash" into the sea is a serious affair.

But well, you haven't been doing well recently... So it's good that you’ve become energetic again ♪

Shinobu: Yes yes, that's a relief~♪ This is also my first time sailing with people I consider friends, so I'm in high spirits!

Hinata: Alright! Then I'll get in contact with Tsukasa-kun. And since we don't have much time left, let's start our lessons tomorrow ♪

Chiaki: Sure. Let's take the rest of the day off and go home, so that we're in perfect condition tomorrow.

So with that, let us disperse! Everyone, go to bed without staying up late. It's a promise ☆