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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 4

(The next day, after school)

Hinata: Good mo~rning.

Yuuta: Let's work well together today, everyone ♪

Chiaki: Right, let's!

Tetora: Oh yeah, this work is for a Live on a ship owned by the Suou family, right?

Shouldn’t he be included in the briefing?

Hinata: Well~. Tsukasa-kun said he had work for his family, so he went home right after classes ended.

I mean, he’s the organizer, so… He’s got a lot going on, it seems.

Tetora: Even though we're in the same year, he's already really admirable, huh. Well, we’re also gonna be second years soon, so we can’t keep thinking that we’re just the “juniors”.

Hinata: It'd be better if you learned all kinds of things while you're still a junior.

We of 2wink are idols without any seniors of our own, after all.

Sakuma-senpai and Oogami-senpai may have taught us a few things, but they're not in the same unit as us.

That's why I’m sometimes envious that you have seniors in yours, buuut no point in wishing for what you can’t have~

2wink has its own merits. Right now, we’re only a tiny radiance, and could get drowned out easily by other people’s radiance, but…

Someday, we'll absorb that radiance, and become the first star in the night sky.

Anyway, we need to start the briefing for Cruising Live.

Tsukasa-kun told me the gist of it. The short of it is that the deck of the ship'll be made into a stage, and we’ll perform on top of it.

They requested it be a flashy display, so I'd like to hear what you all think?

Tetora: Hm~, a flashy production... Ryuseitai's Lives are what you'd call showy, or well, we tend to do large-scale productions.

The Pirate Fest we did in summer holidays was like that. Shinobu-kun hung from a rope while gliding through the air.

Y'think you could do that again?

Shinobu: Hmm, that rope action...

I was inexperienced at that time, but since then I have gained a lot of experience from other DreamFests.

Hence, it may now be possible for me to do it safely de gorazu.

It would fulfill the request were we do this… Do you think we could make the focus of Ryuseitai’s performance on that?

Chiaki: No, unlike in Pirate Fest, we're going to be on the real thing for the Live this time. Doing something with wires could possibly end in one of us out the ocean, and we can’t have that.

Tetora: Ahh, Pirate Fest did have its Live on a stage by the seaside, didn't it.

Chiaki: Yep, and that’s why we’ll purely focus on making our performance flashy....

2wink specializes in acrobatic moves, so how about we have them be the main spotlight of the performance?

Hinata: Huh? Well, I mean... We’re happy to know you’d give us the leading act.

We do owe Ryuseitai for the Eve of the Eve Live, and I don't like not repaying my debts.

But since we'll be together on such a big stage, let’s have a Live where both units stand out.

I didn't invite Ryuseitai to make us look good, after all.

This is work we’re doing outside of school, so I’d like to go with all of us working together in making this Live a big success.

Chiaki: I see... Mm-hmm, you're a good kid, aren't you.

Alright, then tell me whatever it is you want to learn!

As you said earlier, 2wink is a unit of first years, so there’s a lot of things you do through self-learning.

And if time allows, I'd like you to teach Ryuseitai’s first years your skills, too.. You’ll be satisfied if we do it like that, right, Hinata-kun?

Hinata: Really? Yaaay, thank you very much!

Then, while I get lessons from the Ryuseitai seniors, you teach the first years, Yuuta-kun.

Yuuta: Roger that, Aniki. Then everyone, I'll coach you without mercy~♪

Chiaki: Huh? Is it okay for you two not to do it together?

Hinata: Ahh, it's fine~. I’ll just share it with him afterwards.

That's how we've been doing it lately ♪