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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 6

(Day of the Cruising Live)

Shinobu: Ahh, Anzu-dono! Anzu-dono~☆

Eheheh, you are here early today as well. Eh? You were so excited that you could not sleep?

You were finally dozing off to sleep by dawn, but sleeping means no chance of waking up, so you kept yourself awake?

It was the same for me.

While ninjas usually keep late hours, I hurried to bed yesterday... but I was unable to get any sleep.

...We will be getting on a ship for the live after this, huh.

Uu~, I wonder what it'll be like to have one on a real ship... I’m so nervous~!

Tetora: Shinobu-kuuun, Anego! Mornin' ☆

Shinobu: Tetora-kun, good morning~♪

...Huh, what is with that big backpack? Tetora-kun, are you bringing everything along?

Tetora: Ah, we're stayin' overnight for work this time, ain't we? So I brought me a change of clothes.

Shinobu: Huuuh. This is the first I have heard of it. Anzu-dono is also making a face that says, "Is that so?"

Hinata: Good mornin'! What's going on~, what’re you guys talking about to each other?

Shinobu: Hinata-kun! Ah, and Yuta-kun! Good morning~♪

Yuuta: Morning. You guys came here quick~. We thought we were going to be the first to arrive, so it's surprising to see you're already here.

Shinobu: Um, Yuuta-kun. Are we going to stay over the night for this job? We were not told about this beforehand, so I had thought we would just go home after we’re done.

Yuuta: Yep, we’re going home once we’re done~

Tetora: Uwaaah!

Hinata: Uwah. Tetsu-kun, don’t shout out of nowhere~. Whaaat, did you forget something? You clumsy girl~.

Tetora: There's no time to go back, so is it alright okay to get on like this…?

Hinata: I’m sure it is, isn’t it? You could ask Tsukasa-kun if you’re that worried.

Chiaki: O~i! Everyone, sorry we’re late!

Shinobu: Ahaha, it is not yet the time to meet up. ...Ahh, Midori-kun and Shinkai-dono are with you too.

Chiaki: When I went to pick Takamine up, I unexpectedly met up with Kanata.

Midori: Ugh~... I wanted to stay in bed until the very last second...

Kanata: Ufufu. We're going~ to the "ocean," so I made sure to "wake up early".

Chiaki: In any case, both Ryuseitai and 2wink are present. Mm, we arrived five minutes before we were supposed to. It's really good to be early ☆

Tetora: Captain~, it's dangerous to stand around here. Look, Suou-kun’s family car is coming over.

Chiaki: Ah, so they went so far as to send a car. We'll be indebted to them today. Everyone, take care to mind your manners ☆

Tsukasa: Everyone, I look forward to working with you today.

Chiaki: Ohh, how polite... Suou's put-together for a first year, huh. I heard your parents entrusted you with the work this time.

By the way, are they around...? If it isn’t any trouble, I’d like to thank them for inviting us.

Tsukasa: Ahh, my parents are presently away on business. I apologize that they cannot be here to greet you.

In any case, I really am grateful for this.

I wanted my parents to think, "We were correct in entrusting this to you, Tsukasa," so your cooperation was a big help...♪

Chiaki: That's a big responsibility on us. But we said we’d do it, so we’ll make sure to do our best!!! We'll liven up the place as much as we can in order to live up to your expectations!

Tsukasa: Fufu, how reassuring. Saying thanks... isn't enough. Please eat and drink as much as you'd like in this Lounge.

Until the Live begins, you may freely explore the ship without issue. The weather today is good, so admiring the ocean from the deck might be nice as well.

I have to greet the guests as they arrive, so excuse me...

Oh, I nearly forgot.

If it's no trouble, which of you would like to serve as "Captain For A Day"?

Hinata: Ehh, "Captain For A Day"...? You mean like, something like the ship's captain?

Tsukasa: Yes, that's right. I racked my brain thinking of how to do my very best in livening up this Event.

And so, the idea of an Idol being "Captain For A Day" came to mind...

I thought of it at the last minute, so I'd be very thankful for the help despite the abruptness.

If you'd be able to do it, then please let me know at some point.

Now, excuse me for real this time. Please enjoy the cruise to your heart's content ♪