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☼ Voyage! Early Spring Cruising Live - Chapter 8

Yuuta: *munch munch*

Fuuahh, I'm totally stuffed♪

...Oh, but there's still pizza left! Just gotta pour tabasco on it and it's good to eat!

Mm-hmm, I'm totally addicted to this kind of pain~♪ You just gotta have pizza dripping with tabasco sauce ♪

Shinobu: ...

Yuuta: Shinobu-kun? Don't hide over in that corner, let's eat together. Japanese, Western, Chinese... There's a lot of food to choose from, huh?

I ordered pizza and pasta myself ♪

There's a booth over there with sweets — I'm not good with that kind of thing though... But you don't dislike them, right?

There's cakes, cookies, pudding, cream puffs...

...Urp. I'm feeling sick just from the smell of them — I can’t bring myself to get closer to them.

Shinobu: Uummm, but — even if you say that, I am not sure how to reply.

Yuuta-kun, I’m amazed you can eat in this atmosphere, without feeling any pressure...

I skipped breakfast today because I thought I would just eat lunch on the ship, but I'm not hungry at all...

I mean, I suppose I do feel full, but in an overwhelming way... I cannot get myself to eat anything. I am just a wallflower in this conversation, so there is no need to worry about me.

Yuuta: Ahh, okay. It's fine if we just chat and hang out instead then, so stay here, okay?. I'm with my best friend, after all, so I’d love to have a great time with them, yeah?

Shinobu: Huh? I am your best friend...?

Yuuta: Yep, or at least I think so, and it’d make me reaaally happy if you feel the same way, too.

Shinobu: I- I- I as well... I am incredibly grateful that we get along in spite of my shyness.

I hope that we can become even better friends, Yuuta-kun ♪

Eheheh. Chatting with you has eased my worries. Maybe I should eat something too, huh?

Yuuta: Hm? I got a text...? Ahaha... Aniki's sunbathing on the ship deck right now. I'll text him back.

Shinobu-kun and I are hanging out right now~...♪ Annnd sent.

Shinobu: So you and Hinata-kun keep in touch even here.

I don't quite understand, as I am an only child, but is it always like this?

Yuuta: Nah, we've just been keeping in touch like this recently. You should text me more too, Shinobu-kun. I'll accept them anytime ♪

Shinobu: Okay!

...Ah, Anzu-dono. Are you taking a breather in the lounge?

Hm-hm, clothing design? Ahh, you are just putting on the finishing touches. In that case, should we move elsewhere so you may concentrate?

Yuuta: Sure. Anzu-san might say she doesn't care, but I don't want to disturb her by making a ruckus.

So we’ll be on our way out once we’re done eating this.

Shinobu: Ahh, I’ll bring you sweets too, Anzu-dono. Would you like to have some chamomile tea with me to go with them? It will relax you ♪

Eheheh, and it would be my pleasure as well.

I know your work is important, but I'd like for you to take a break and look around the ship with us when you finish.

Wawa, I didn't want to be patted on the head~. Umm, may I take that as agreeing to my offer?

Mmhmm, then if you're not against it, I will do just that. I'm the type of ninja that will do it all the way when I'm being forward, so…

I won't allow you to take it back ♪