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Hansel and Gretel - A Gathering of Witches 3

Subaru: Rasshi~, which room is this?

It's kinda dim so I can't tell, but there's tons of interesting stuff in here!

It's like a haunted house at a school culture festival! It feels like a ghost might jump out any second now ♪

Arashi: Now that you mention it, it really does feel that way, huh?

This is the stage prop room. I'm in a theater troupe, Dramatica, so I've been in here from time to time to get a couple of things.

But there's sets for television programming here, too.

We're allowed to put our stage setting here since it's close to the warehouse, see?

Subaru: Wooah, that sounds so cool! I wanna try being in a troupe too!

...But I'm already pretty busy, so it'd be hard to juggle that and everything else at the same time, huh?

Arashi: My my, you're showing an unusual amount of restraint, Subaru-chan. It's a group hobby, so isn't it okay to check it out if you’re interested?

Subaru: That's true, but if I half-assed it then Hokke~'d make a face, y'know? He's really serious about theater.

Arashi: Ufufu. Then how about just checking it out?

Since theater needs a lot of people, it kiiind of becomes like a big family. What's one or two more ♪

Subaru: Thanks, Rasshi~! Okay then, maybe next time I’ll come over to check out Hokke~’s acting~

Arashi: Ufufu. I’m sure Hokuto-chan will get very enthusiastic about his acting if you did, so go ahead ♪

Well, let’s stop here with the off-topic chat...

Now that we're here, I wooonder what you're scheming... Mr. Knight's Strategist?

Won't you come out? Thanks to this box of sweets I’m carrying, I’ve gotten hungry, you know~?

Ritsu: Boo...☆

Hajime: Boo...☆

Subaru: Holy cr— Ritsu-senpai? Shinonon?

Arashi: Ooohmigosh, you startled me! I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

Ritsu: Tch~. I was hoping for a scream or a loud yell... What a waste.

Hajime: Fufu. The stage prop room has an amazing atmosphere when it's all dark though, doesn't it? I thought we did a great job setting it up ♪

Anyway - thank you for coming, Akehoshi-senpai, Narukami-senpai ♪

Subaru: Hmmmm~. I can't really tell what’s going on here... Like, why are you wearing a robe, Shinonon? Is this actually a rehearsal for the school culture festival?

You can't do that~. You gotta do that at Yumenosaki, y’know~, ‘cause some of the scary folks here will scold you for playing around at work.

Or weeell~. That’s just what I went through once, y’see?

Hajime: Ahaha. You're the same as ever, Akehoshi-senpai.

Subaru: Nah, things have just been changing way too much around me~

I mean, we’ve always been working as idols... so I’m always like, is it really that big of a deal to become adults?

Hajime: You're fine just the way you are~. The fact you're not bound by common sense is your charm point, Akehoshi-senpai ♪

We've more or less gotten permission for this too, so please don't worry ♪

Ritsu: Mmm, he says "permission," but all I did was submit a report saying I'd use it if nothing else was going on. I think they'll at least let that much pass.

Now, since we're all here — let's begin the witches' gathering.

Arashi: The witches' gathering?

I’m not sure I understand. So you two invited us for a witches' gathering...?

Ritsu: Yep, pretty much. I don't feel like explainin' it, so Haakun will instead...♪

Hajime: Oh, yes, of course.

To be honest, there's been a lot of sweets being sent to the office...

And Ritsu-oniichan and I happened to meet up after practice, and he asked if I wanted to get tea.

We're both part of the tea club at school, and in the same circle in Starmony Dorm too — the one called “Flavor”.

So just like the witch from Hansel and Gretel, we decided to invite people to our gingerbread house with candy.

Subaru: Awesome, a witches' gathering... That seems really fun!

But why invite us and not someone in your circle?

Hajime: Ahaha, well you see, there’s a reason behind that——

Arashi: Oh, I see what this is now.

Ritsu-chan, you invited me because you were worried about my diet, didn't you?

Ritsu: Nope. I don't think about your weight that much, Nacchan.

Arashi: Don't play dumb with me, okay? I've got an eye for these things.

You might not care about my weight, but this sure is a roundabout way of saying you're worried about how I'm eating.

Ritsu: Hmmm. So the gig’s up, huh.

I got fed up with seeing you have nothing but simple meals, y’know

You're putting on a brave face, but how about you occasionally give into your appetite, hmm?

Arashi: Honestly, what a threat to my diet. Appealing to my sinful pleasures...

I'm grateful that you're thinking about me, though.

I've been taking my figure seriously recently, but... I might play along for juuust a bit.

Ritsu: I'll take that as your pledge, so let's begin. Haakun?

Hajime: Right. I'll make the tea right away ♪

Please forget the time and just enjoy yourselves...♪