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Hansel and Gretel - A Gathering of Witches 4

Subaru: (chewing) Ish dewishous~☆

Hajime: Akehoshi-senpai, you'll choke if you scarf it down like that~.

I've made tea that pairs well with these sweets, so please savor it ♪

Subaru: Thankies, Shinonon! I'm gonna blow on it before I drink it so I don't burn my tongue ♪

Phoo, phoo...

Huh? This doesn't taste like regular tea... It has a strange smell too. Is this tea specially made by you, Shinonon?

Hajime: Fufu, you noticed...♪

It's an herbal blend for your fatigue, Akehoshi-senpai. It has strong-scented herbs like lavender that's supposed to relax you ♪

Everyone in Flavor loved the herbs I grew in Gardenia, so today I brought a few different blends ♪

Subaru: Amazing, Shinonon, you're like a walking dictionary ♪

But man, mixing herbs sounds like something Natsume would do.

Hajime: Eheheh. Sakasaki-senpai and I are in Gardenia together, so I'm really just repeating what he's told me...♪ He’s teaching me a few things.

Did you know? Lavender's toxic in large quantities, so you have to be extra careful when handling it.

Subaru: Ruh-roh... I feel like I just got a whiff of danger!

Hajime: I-I'd never do something that dreadful though~. This may be a witches’ gathering, but I don’t want it to turn into a murder case, okay?

I'll protect you even if it costs me my life!

Subaru: Shinonon~!

Arashi: Ufufu. They're such good friends.

Hajime-chan, I'm sorry to butt into your conversation, but would you mind making me some tea too?

I know it makes you happy to chit-chat with Subaru-chan, but Ritsu-chan and I are getting pretty thirsty.

Ritsu: Yeah, Haakun. Nacchan's fine since she's just been eating gummies, but my mouth's all dry from these cookies.

Hajime: Ah, I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to talk so long...

Wait just a moment. I'll prepare some right away!

I think I'll brew rosehip tea for Narukami-senpai's figure, and lemongrass to help with digestion for Ritsu-senpai...♪

Ritsu: Tea that helps with digestion... Yeah, that would help a lot with my current state, huh?

Arashi: Is it really okay to let you do everything though?

I can help if it’s too much~ No need to hold back ♪

Hajime: Ah, don't worry about me. I'm the one who invited you, and all I’m doing is pouring you tea.

Besides, you've really cut down on how many treats we got~. I feel like we've managed to return our fans' feelings with this ♪

...Okay, the tea's done brewing, so I’ll stir the tea as well, okay~?

I only ate a little bit to make sure I’d still be hungry for our tea party, so my stomach’s grumbling...♪

Subaru: Shinonooon, c'mere ♪

I saved some sweets just for you~! Go ahead and eat as much you'd like...☆

Hajime: Oh gosh... Thank you very much, Akehoshi-senpai ♪

Eheh. I have the pick of the litter, don't I? Chocolate, cookies, pound cake... It feels like I really have gotten lost in a gingerbread house ♪

Hm? Isn't there something weird about this one...?

Arashi: Weird? What do you mean?

Hajime: It's about what's in this box. The cookies don't have a polished look, so they can't be store-bought.

Homemade treats aren't allowed, so I wonder if this one slipped in somehow?

Arashi: Ahh, I see. They certainly look homemade... It looks like they used a heart-shaped mold.

Subaru: The Queen of Hearts! Is it for Rasshi~ then?

Arashi: Oh no, no. It seems more like something for one of those kids in ALKALOID if you're calling it that. Maybe Aira-chan, since he's in charge of the heart suit, I think?

Those kids are still new, so I'd feel terrible if we kept their presents to ourselves. I think it’d be a good idea if you brought it to them, Subaru-chan.

Subaru: We are in the same agency, so makes sense~. Can I just leave it in the office somewhere?

If that's good enough, then before I forget... Alright! I'll go drop it off right now!

Hajime: Um - hold on, Akehoshi-senpai.

Subaru: Huh? What's up, Shinonon?

Hajime: Please look at this. It's a little dark to see, but there's a message card on the back of the lid, isn't there?

"For Shino Hajime-chan" — this fan letter's addressed to me.