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King of Thieves - Treasure 2

(One hour later)

Sora: ♪~♪~

Haha~♪ Sora's gonna do what he can!

(Master said he hadn't found a place in the ES building to conduct experiments, so...!

Since Senpai and Master are looking for the missing lab equipment, Sora'll look for a place to put it!

If ES has a place to do experiments, we could all gather there, right? Just like the secret room at Yumenosaki!)

Hihi~♪ Sora's looking forward to their smiles~♪

Oops. Sora accidentally raised his voice. This is a workplace, so Sora oughta keep quiet, huh?

Sora'll start by searching the ES building top to bottom! It can double as Sora's afternoon stroll, too~☆

Mayoi: Anybody here…?

Ufufu. No one's around. This makes things easier —

Sora: (? Isn't that person from ALKALOID...?

He's being kind of shady, huh? And he has a color as black as night... Is he worried about something?

Should Sora follow him for a little while~? Seems he just went around that corner.

Huhu~♪ It's The Great Pursuit! Let's go~♪)


How weird~? He was just here, but now he's disappeared.

Maybe Sora saw a ghost? That's so strange~?

Mayoi: Um,

Harukawa Sora-san from Switch? Was there something you needed from me...?

Sora: Eek!? That was a shock, you know~? How'd you get behind Sora?

Mayoi: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I really scared you, didn't I?

Ahhh... How unthinkably discourteous of me. I can't believe I've done something so disgraceful. I just want to die right now...!

It's absolutely inexcusable that I made you feel such a way! Don't hit me please, even though it's all my faaaaaault!

Sora: No, don't worry about Sora! You can't solve stuff with violence, you know~?

Anyway, what're you doing? Your slinking around's made Sora curious!

Mayoi: Ahh, I'm sorry for acting so suspiciously... I felt some other presence here, so I thought I was being tailed.

I pretended to turn the corner and took refuge in the passage on the other side.

Not that there's any worth in following me. I only moved because it made me anxious.

Ugh. My familiarity with this building has backfired - thanks to that, I feel like I come off shadier than intended.

Sora: Hehe~? Murky-oniisan, you're familiar with this building?

Mayoi: Murky-oniisan...?

Sora: Yes! Oniisan's got a really dark color! So you're "Murky-oniisan," okay~?

Ooh? It was totally black, but now it's a gentle color~?

Mayoi: I-It's true that i'm rather gloomy and have a shady side to me, but... No, it makes me happy that a kind person such as Sora-san would bestow unto me an identifier.

Umm, moving on - about ES. I believe I'm rather knowledgeable in this field, but why the sudden question?

Sora: Sora's looking for a room! Are there any places you can secretly gather in?

Mayoi: Somewhere you can secretly... gather in?

Sora: Yep! For Master and Senpai— for all three of us to hang out in! Sora's looking for a place other than Yumenosaki to do experiments at~.

Mayoi: I-I see... Um—

Sora: Hm? Murky-oniisan, do you maybe know one?

Mayoi: Eep..!

(I'm at a loss. Sora-san's sparkling eyes are so radiaaaaaaaaaant!

Since he saw my color as "really dark," it felt like he saw who I truly was!

What should I do... I can't tell him about that room.

Sora-san and the rest of Switch were a great help during the Bon Festival.

Rather, hiding it would further lower their opinion of my wretched self. If that happened, I wouldn't be able to stay with ALKALOID.

But if it's just one secret room out of the many rooms here — then it shouldn't be an issue to show it to him, right?

I'm certainly not magnanimous enough to be called a "saint" like Tatsumi-san is, but at least this much...)

Ummm. I don't know about doing experiments, but I know some place that might suit your secret room needs. If you'd like, I could acquaint you with it...

Sora: Hoho~, Sora knew you did when he saw your color!

Lead the way, Murky-oniisan!

Mayoi: Ummmm, ah... Of course. We'll be taking a little shortcut on the way, so please watch your feet and the ceiling, okay?

Sora: That's amazing~? You're sure well-informed, Murky-oniisan, knowing a shortcut too!

Mayoi: Not at all. I have no right to be called "wise" or "amazing!"

To be called such things so innocently - it makes me feel full of myself…!

Ah... I'm sorry - it isn't like I'm dissatisfied with your pure impressions of me.

A-Anyway, shall we go? We wouldn't want to be caught here, after all, right?

Sora: Roger-dodger!

It's Sora and Oniisan's Super Fun Search Party. Sora's looking forward to seeing what kind of place it is~! Hahihuheho~☆