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King of Thieves - Treasure 3

Sora: Haha~, hihi~, huhu~☆

It's so fun to go down the railing like a slide~♪

Mayoi: U-um. We've already used the shortcut, so there’s no reason to be too adventurous, you know?

Nothing in here was made for athletic use.

It's not very safe... If something happened to you, as unlikely as that might be… Sob, it sends chills up my spine...!

Sora: Hehe~. Murky-oniisan sure is a worrywart, huh~?

Sora's fine! Every so often Sora'll trip or fall from high places, but he knows how to fall to land safely - so don't worry, okay~?

Mayoi: Some kind of almighty landing technique...?

Ufufu... It's such a charming image, though. ♪ Cute, small children doing breakfalls1 — I want to take a picture and preserve that moment forever...

Sora: What was that, Murky-oniisan?

Sora was sliding down the rail and didn't hear you! Say it one more time!

Mayoi: Ahhh, it's nothing, excuse me. I didn't say anything in particular. My true feelings just leaked out a little... Cough, cough (clearing his throat)

Sora: ...?

But it's surprising, you know~? Sora never knew you were at Yumenosaki, Murky-oniisan!

Mayoi: Ahhh, well. There’s various reasons for why that is. Recently though, I've learned how to show myself in public.

Life is truly mysterious, isn't it.

I shied away from the eyes of other people, only peeking from afar at the brilliance on stage... But now, I stand beneath the sun.

Saying that, though, we're indoors where the sunlight doesn't reach. In any case, we've reached the secret room. Sora-san?

Sora: Ah - if Sora looks closely, he can see a door~? This is the secret room, huh?

Mayoi: Mmhmm. It's a place that isn't used by idols, so no one will disturb you here...

"Open sesame"... It might help to say those words while entering the code number for the door ♪

Now, please enter. I don't know whether or not it'll be to your liking, but...

Sora: Hoho~...? There are all kinds of weird machines!

Mayoi: Ah. I know you must be curious about them, but please don't touch them. If you tamper with them, the person in charge'll have to come down.

This is the ES building's ventilation room. ES... This building has a couple of dedicated control rooms, but the ventilation room in particular is my favorite.

Because, aside from periodic inspections, no one enters it. You can use it to unwind as you'd like.

Sora: Sora gets it~. Is it really okay to show him such an important place though?

It was originally Murky-oniisan's, so! You can use it with us too~♪

Mayoi: Ah, no, no. I simply cannot accept such kindness! We're fellow idols, so let's consider it something like "give and take," okay?

Besides, this is just my own issue, but I can't deal with groups of people at all...

Though it makes me truly happy that you would consider inviting such an insignificant existence as myself.

(quietly) Besides, I'm not very good with The Eccentrics...?

In any case, please use it as you'd like. I'll move my personal items out, and once I'm done, I'll tell you the password to this secret room.

Ufufu, ufufufufu...♪ Please, play around howeeeeever you'd like with my secret room ♪

As long as you don't touch the machines, anything goes!

Sora: Got it~♪ Thanks a bunch, Murky-oniisan!

Mayoi: Ufufu. A smile like that just makes me feel like letting you keep the change...♪2

Now, with that, I'll prepare to leave this room to you, and...

Sora: Hmmm. Those clothes on the table are a little strange, aren't they? Is this a unit outfit?

Huh? A ninja outfit?

Murky-oniisan, isn't this a little small for you~? Actually, isn't this Shinobu-chan's~?

Mayoi: Eep...! Uuummm. That's, that is...

Sora: Murky-oniisan, you're acting kinda weird~? Do you feel sick or something?

Mayoi: It's nothing, it's really nothing!

I'm extremely sorry that such a nuisance would dirty your eyes - I'll take my things with me immediately, okay? Sora-san, feel free to laze around for the time being, pretty pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

Sora: Mm~...?

(Murky-oniisan's acting pretty shady for some reason.

And that super dark color is starting to show up again, huh~?

Anyway, the password's "open sesame"!

Maybe Murky-oniisan's secret room is a "thief's hideout"? If so, then are Sora and everyone else also Oniisan's "treasure"...?

Mm~mmm. Sora's got a weird feeling about this~. Just like today with Master and Senpai, just seeing this makes Sora feel sort of fidgety...

Maybe Sora's just thinking too hard, but...?)

  1. he's specifically referring to ukemi. in fighting games, that's the roll you do to get back up when your opponent knocks you onto the ground! it's pretty useful in parkour too, which sora obviously does a lot of. (it's sometimes just left as ukemi, too.)
  2. the phrase mayoi uses is お釣りを渡したい気分ですう. お釣り usually refers to the money you get back after a purchase, but in context, he's probably referring to the machines...