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King of Thieves - Treasure 5

Tsumugi: It's just as you say. If the criminal is in ES, then it might tarnish the image of our affiliated idols.

Therefore, they're conducting a careful investigation — It seems ES wants to deal with it and punish the culprit privately.

Natsume: HMPH. It's just like the public entertainment sector to bend over backwards for their reputaTION. WELL, I suppose they're just being careful because of all that's hapPENED.

So, what're you planning to DO? Are you just going to wait for the higher-ups to make a MOVE?

Tsumugi: Uh - me? I'm just following their lead. It'd be pure chaos if they just let an amateur recklessly charge in.

Of course, when that time comes, I'll cooperate without hesitation - it's just... I don't think that time is now.

Natsume: Are you still half-asleep or someTHING? That can't be what you WANT, Senpai.

This happened at NewDi — it’s our problem TOO.

Tsumugi: Mmm. I don’t really like the thought of distrusting our colleagues, but I guess you’re right. This is one of my duties.

I'll try and remember as much as possible about what occured at the office yesterday. That way, we might be able to understand exactly what happened.

Natsume: Mm, very WELL.

HonestLY — you can't help but be opportunisTIC, can YOU. Ever since you started acting like middle manageMENT, I feel like you've gotten more ruthLESS.

Tsumugi: Ahaha... I can’t hide anything from you.

Anyway, let me try to recall what I can about yesterday.

I'll start with the morning — I always help out with the administrative work, so I came to the office first thing.

You and Sora-kun were off that day, so you didn't come in, right?

Natsume: That's RIGHT. We didn't stop by the office at ALL, so that clears us of any suspiCION.

As for YOU... You're not villainous enough to STEAL, and the risk outweighs the reward anyWAY.

Tsumugi: That's right. If one of our idols did something like that, they'd be chased right out of the agency.

By the way, you said I wasn't villainous — does that mean trust me, Natsume-kun?

Natsume: Yes YES. Moving ON?

Tsumugi: Fufu. I digress.

I was working when, around noontime, the members of Knights came around. It seemed like they were coming in for a briefing session.

It was just your regular, everyday meeting. The leader, Suou-kun, was the focus - it seems like he's doted on by his seniors.

It looked like they were discussing their next live, and Tsukinaga-kun was writing a new song while he was listening.

Natsume: As expected of someone known as a geniUS — he even makes music while he's in a meeTING.

RaTHER, it's surprising that Knights is able to maintain control like THAT.

WELL, that has nothing to do with the CASE. Didn't you notice anything ELSE?

Tsumugi: Ah, that's right. I heard Suou-kun shouting - it seems he was worried because Tsukinaga-kun hasn't come back to the dorms for a while, or something like that.

After that, Knights split up—

And in the evening, while saying, "I'm just dropping byyy ☆," Mikejima-kun helped me with my work.

Mikejima-kun went home after that, and once I finished up the rest of my work, I put out the trash and went home.

I think whoever stole our trash did it between evening-time and the next morning.

But why steal trash? It's just a bunch of stuff that's already been used by idols after all~, so maybe the criminal is some kind of pervert?

Natsume: The behavior of the iDOLS, stealing TRASH, the crime happened between the evening and the morNING...


Tsumugi: What is it, Natsume-kun? You suddenly went quiet...

Natsume: I might JUST... know who our criminal IS.

Tsumugi: Huh?! Really...?!

Natsume: MmHMM. The circumstances are fragmenTED, and it's hard to say absoluteLY, howEVER—

《The criminal is in the ES building.》