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King of Thieves - Treasure 7

Mayoi: ...


Sora: ...What's up?

Mayoi: Ah, no. It's just... About that ninja outfit.

That is, um... I'd like to explain that I didn't steal it. I'm merely borrowing it...

Sora: Ohh? Murky-oniisan's color is clouding up. Sora thinks he sees a guilty-feeling color~?

Mayoi: Eek!?

D-don't look at me pleeease! If you gaze at me with those sparkling eyes, you will purify me on the spot!

I'll vanish into absolutely nothiiiiiiiiing!

Sora: Hm~. It really is a shady color. You can't look Sora in the eye~?

If you're really a thief, Murky-oniisan, Sora thinks you oughta come out and say it!

Mayoi: Thief...? No, I'm sorry. It's because I've been acting terribly suspicious that you think that way.

I'm absolutely, definitely not one! Someone like me, stealing the chief's ninja outfit...?

I've considered it countless times, but to actually follow through with it is completely absuuuuuuuuurd!

Sora: Haha~? Sora's seen Senpai and Master say something like, "The punishment'll be lighter if you confess."

At the very least, Sora thinks it's better than continuing to lie to yourself~?

Mayoi:Sniffle. You don't trust me at all, do you...Do I really seem so dodgy...?

But I really didn't steal anything.

I've heard you can recognize the subtleties of a person's feelings through their color. Perhaps that's the cause for such a misunderstanding.

I'm simply very weak to people who are pure... When you stare at me so, Sora-san, it feels you can see through to my impure feelings, and it rattles me.

C-Can I ask you to believe me...?

Sora: Then you don't know anything about our treasure?

Mayoi: Treasure...? No, I don't even understand what you mean... What "treasure"?

Sora: You really, really don't know anything about our treasure?

Mayoi: I don't, nothing at all... W-Won't you believe me?

Sora: Hihi~♪ Sorry! Oniisan's color looked strange, so Sora must've guessed wrong.

Then you should cooperate with us! Have you seen Master's lab equipment, Murky-oniisan?

Mayoi: Eh? Lab equipment...?

Sora: Yep. Sora's looking for it, you know~? That's our most prized possession.

But it seems like it got lost on the move to ES. Sora was looking for it while he was looking for a room to do experiments in.

So Sora would be happy if you joined in the search, Murky-oniisan~♪

Mayoi: I see. A prized possession...

Understood. I'd like to help you out any way I can, Sora-san!

I haven't encountered any lab equipment, but why don't we look for it together?

Sora: Sora'd like that! The more eyes we have, the more we'll see~♪

It'll be great to have Murky-oniisan from the thieves' hideout on our side...♪

Mayoi: No no, I might be a suspicious person, but I'm not a thief, you know?

Anyway, now that we've cleared up that misunderstanding, let's—

Huh? Sora-san, isn't that your phone ringing?

Sora: Ohh, it is!

Sora's not very good with phones so he doesn't pay much attention. Maybe Master's calling because he's found the lab equipment though?

Can you wait a second~?

Huhu~♪ Master?

Yep! Right now, Sora's in the thieves' hideout with Murky-oniisan! Can you come soon?

Uh huh! It's a locked room by the stairs!

Sora and Murky-oniisan'll stay here! Hurry up, okay~?

Sora's done, Murky-oniisan! It seems like after Master comes, we can—

Mayoi: Yes, that's fine, but...

Sora: ? What's the matter, Murky-oniisan?

Mayoi: ...Um, I couldn't help but overhear your phone call.

Didn't your conversation just now sound like you were trapped in a locked room with no escape, and you were asking for help?

Sora: Hmmmmmm~. Sora doesn't think so, though?

Mayoi: I'm just overthinking it, right...? I sure hope that's the case...

Sora: Ah, but Master seemed in a hurry! Sora can't see colors over the phone though, so he doesn't know why?

Mayoi: Uh, uh,

He doesn't think that I've kidnapped and confined you... does he?