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Kohaku Oukawa - Idol Story, Part 1

Kohaku: (......

...Sigh. S’all hopeless. I’m right lost.

My family said somethin’ like, “For generations, we’ve lived around here, so you oughta be familiar with the lay of it,” but…

That’s dumb as hell. Can’t they be a little more classy with their sarcastic remarks, at least?

I’ve aaalways been shut up inna li'l birdcage, so of course I dunno which way to go… They’d have a good laugh if they saw me all in a fluster.

Really gets my goat. They’re waitin’ for me to beg for directions from ‘em, aren’t they?

It’s as vexin’ as anythin’ else...

Well, I can’t just keep putterin’ ‘round forever - It won’t be a laughing matter if I ruined myself just doin’ that.

I’m used to bein’ looked down on anyway, so I’ve got no shame nor dignity to lose.

Maybe I should borrow a phone and make a call, and ask ‘em for a bit of help...)


Whatcha starin’ at me for…? Do I got somethin’ on my face?

Guess I must be dressed pretty funny. I let a fashion shop employee pick out some modern-lookin’ clothes for me, but...

I’ve only ever worn my family’s musty old kimonos, so I don’t know if this is the right type of clothes or not.

Huh, y’think it suits me? Thank ya kindly.

Anyway, what’d ya really want?

Am I in the way just sittin’ around here?

That ain’t it? You wanted to talk to me ‘cause it seemed like I had somethin’ on my mind?

Ya mean it?

Ahh… If that’s true, then I didn’t have t’be scared at all of such a peaceful outside world.

There’s good people everywhere ya look, kokoko ♪

...Haa, normal people don’t laugh like that. Them actors you see on TV do. Ain’t the way I speak kinda weird?

Well, doesn’t matter much. We musta met ‘cause of some karma from our past lives… Could ya help me out a li’l, uh…?

Mmm. So you’re Anzu-han.1

Ya introduced yourself, so it’d be rude of me not t’do it properly in return.

I’m Kohaku Oukawa… It’s written with “cherry blossom,” then “river” without the three lines2, and then Kohaku in hiragana.

Huh? My name’s beautiful?

With the image of ephemerally fallin’ cherry blossom petals and bugs imprisoned in a flowin’ river of sap...

Doesn’t it only look that way from afar...?

Matter of fact, it’s no different than an open sewer flowin’ with corpses.

But enough of that - more importantly, kind miss, I wanted t’ask if you know how to get somewhere.

Uhhh… It’s called Ansan… Buru… Ensemble Square? That’s the weird-named place I wanna get to.

Y’know what I’m talkin’ about? It’s a huge building. They said I’d know it when I got close to it.

Y’see, everyone no matter who they are’s3 all gussied up and glitterin’. I’m feelin’ outta my element in such a futuristic city.

I can’t tell left from right here. If y’know about this Ensemble thing I’m talkin’ about, can you tell me where it is?

Even just pointin’ out whichever way it is’ll help me out a whole bunch.

Hmmm, that way? Huh, do you work in that building, Anzu-han?

Since you gotta head over there anyway, we can go together…?

Sounds mighty fine to me ♪ The heavens above must’ve been keepin’ an eye on me! Ya really saved my hide~, I’ll never forget this favor!

Kokoko. Alrighty, let’s stroll over ♪

—Hold on, uh? Can ya hold on just a moment?

Beggin’ your pardon. I’m not used to these shoes, so my feet ache...

I probably got the so-called blister. I read somethin’ like that inna book once.

...Yipes!? Don’t go touchin’ other people without their say so!

Huh? You just wanted t’put a bandage on my blister?

Anzu-han, do you always carry ‘round first-aid stuff?

Oh… Your work comes with some injuries, so ya just make sure you’re prepared to deal with ‘em quick as nothing?

That’s real admirable of ya. The Buddha said somethin’ like, “Well-prepared means no worries” too ♪

...The Buddha didn’t say that? Hm, true… It sounds more like a military sayin’ or Sun Tzu or somethin’ like that, I think. Well, doesn’t matter that much.

I can put the bandage on myself, so ya don’t have to do it for me.

Don’t look down on me, I’m not a li’l kid.

Not that I think that’s your intent or nothing, but...

I’m just worried ‘bout that kinda thing. Not everyone out here’s gonna be so kind.

Kokoko. You know that? And ya still wanna conduct yourself all nice-like?

I gotcha. Better to believe and get disappointed than to live a life full of doubt.

I’m the same way. Thanks to that, I’ve sure seen a buncha idiots.

‘Cause of that though, I’m able to walk real proudly under the heavens.

And I got t’meet such a good girl like you as a reward from the gods...♪

  1. Kansai-ben/Osaka-ben version of “-san”
  2. Kawa/gawa is usually written with the kanji 川, but Kohaku’s is written with 河 instead. They mean the same thing though.
  3. The expression he uses is specifically 猫も杓子も, which - more literally - is “every cat and ladle”, but basically means even people who aren’t special are included. For an English equivalent, there’s “Every Tom, Dick, and Harry”.