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Last Period Collab - Chapter 1

Mao: He~y, Ritsu.

Walk on your own - don't just make me drag you by the hand. Come on, hurry up and wake up, will you~?

Ritsu: Mmmmm-mmmmmmm, I'm usually still asleep around this time, so I can’t help it...

He~ey, can't we walk more slowly? Going too fast makes me feel even wooorse.

I’m already tired enough as it is... You really should take pity on your precious childhood friend, Maakun.

Mao: Um, this is me doing just that, though... And besides, if that’s how you feel, then wouldn’t it have been better if you didn’t come with me to school~?

I mean, I have to get there early because I have student council work, but you don't. You don’t have to join me, y’know?

Ritsu: If Maakun doesn't wake me up, I'll be late… and If I'm late, Maakun'll be in trouble.

Mao: No way, you'd be in trouble too, wouldn't you? What if you had to repeat another year? Do you seriously plan on staying in school forever?

Seriously~, start learning how to walk to and from school alone already.

I'm steadily getting busier with student council work too, so I can't always take care of you, got it?

...Huh? Hey, Ritsu's not here!?

He~y, Ritsu! Where'd you go?

???: Myuumyuu?

Mao: Uwah, the heck!?

Ritsu, don't talk so weirdly. Just reply like usual, okay~?

???: Myuu~!

Mao: ...Eh?

(What is this thing!? ...A rabbit? No, a weasel...? Wait, no, how is it floating?

Am I hallucinating? My vision did get a little blurry... Ahhh, I guess I've been too busy to sleep properly...)

???: Myuu~uuu~♪

Mao: (Uwee, it moved!? And even flew away? Ueehh???)

Ritsu: Maaaaakun ♪

Mao: Uwah, what now!?

...Oh, it's just you, Ritsu. Where’d you go?

Ritsu: I bought some juice from the vending machine since I was thirsty. This one's yours.

Fufun, you should thank your kind childhood friend...♪

Mao: O-Oh. Thanks...

Ritsu: Something wrong?

Mao: No, not really? Yeah, it's nothing at all. I just realized I'm more tired than I thought. Just a bit.

(Yeah, I've gotta just be hallucinating because I'm tired. I don’t see a sign of that thing anymore, and Ritsu didn't seem to have seen anything, either.)

Ritsu: Hmmm. I don't really get it, but don't overdo it. If Maakun collapses, I won't have anyone to take care of me.

Mao: Right, right, I got it.

...Crap, Ritsu. We've gotta dash or we're gonna be late! Come on, faster, faster~!

Mao: (Ahh, so busy...

As I thought, the vice president left me with a massive parting gift in the Student Council room...

But should I take care of myself and go home earlier than usual for today? I’m still surprised that I’m so tired that I've started seeing things.

For so~me reason, that weird wail's been stuck in my head all day~?)

???: Myuuueeuu~♪

Mao: (Yeah, just like that...


???: Miau, myuumyuumyuumyuu~♪

Mao: .............

???: Myuu!

Mao: It ran away!? Hey, wait up!

Stop! Right- Right there! Don't run awaaay!