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Last Period Collab - Chapter 4

Mao: (Ahhh... It's finally break-time. We've only had first period, but I feel totally drained already...

I'm totally lost, but that Penetrate dude really did manage to fill in for Kunugi-sensei...)

Zex: Hey, Forehead.

Mao: Huh? Oh, I guess that's gotta be me... My name's Mao, so call me by that, okay?

Zex: Silence. Quit talking in circles and start getting me back to the Huma Realm.

Mao: Wait, look... You can tell me that all you want, but I —

Zex: I don't have any time to waste, even as we speak ... Anyway, you better get me back as soon as possible.

Mao: (Wh-why's the blame falling on me...? Nothing I say seems to be getting through to him, and I feel like if I just talk without thinking, I'll get knocked out...)

...Huh? Actually, hold on, I don't see Nero anywhere... Where'd that guy get to?

Nero: ...(sigh)

(They're all over the place... No matter where I look, there's humans about... I wanna get back to the Animal Realm, and fast...

But how can I? What's the best way? I've been walkin' around aimlessly trying to find one, but no dice...

I don't even know what I should be lookin' for in the first place. Where should I even start...?

Dammit, how the hell did this even happen...?)


Mika: Nnhaaa!? S-Sorry 'bout that, really! So can ya not glare at me like that...?

...M'real sorry... Did my starin' make ya uncomfortable?

I just saw yer hood an' thought it was cute as a button, so I got curious about it!

Nero: ...

Mika: Ummm... Yer one of the exchange students, right? Ya were in our class...

Sorry if I'm gettin' the wrong idea here, but... Are ya lost?

Yumenosaki's huge, so it'd make sense... If ya are, y'want me to help ya get to where yer goin'?

Nero: (Good... I can ask this guy how to get back to the Animal Realm.

No, wait— What would asking some human do for me? I'm just gonna ignore him.)

Mika: Wh-what's up? Should I have avoided talkin’ to ya?

D'ya want me to call a teacher over? Would it make ya feel better?

Nero: (...Dammit, glaring isn’t making him leave. Is this human brave, or is he just an idiot... Huh?)

Mika: Wait... Maybe ya don't understand Japanese?

Nnhaaaa, what am I supposed t'do!? Maybe ya can understand gesturin'? Ummmm, lessee...

S'no good! I dunno what t'do!

Nero: Hey, human.

Mika: Eek, ya spoke!?

I mean, what're ya starin' so much fer...? Ahh, are ya curious about my eyes?

Fer sure people think they're weird or get a bad feelin' from 'em when they first meet me, but... I was born with 'em, so it'd make me happier than a clam at high tide if ya wouldn't pay 'em any mind.

Nero: ...

Mika: Um... I really can get a teacher for ya, if ya need one.

Nero: ...My bad.

Mika: Huh? Ah, no, ya don't gotta apologize for anythin'... I mean, I'm the one who was starin' atcha in the first place...

Mmm...? Guess that makes us even now, right?

Nnhaa, sorry for prattlin' on and on by myself. I've been talkin' this whole time and I haven't even told ya my name!

Um... I'm Mika Kagehira. Ya can just call me by my last name though... Mika sounds like a girl's name, so I don't like it that much.

Nero: Kagehira...

Mika: Eheheh, thank ya kindly~. What's yer name, exchange student?

Nero: ...Just Nero's fine.