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Projection★The Magic Lantern That Reflects the Heart - Mysterious 1

(The next day, in the secret room at Yumenosaki Academy)

Natsume: Oh-ho?

This is probably a magic lanTERN.

I'm not an expert THOUGH, and what you've brought along is only some of it rather than the whole THING… So I can't say this for certAIN.

Sora: Magic lantern...?

Natsume: Yes, it's a machine that lights up illuSIONS. If you'd like to know MORE, it's easy enough to plug the term into a search engine and find OUT. You should use the convenience of society to your advanTAGE.

Sora: .......

Natsume: ...? What's WRONG, Sora? Was there something else you wanted to ask ME?

Sora: Well—

(Mmm... Sora thought there'd be more talking... Master used to happily talk about all the things he knew even when Sora didn't say anything...

Sora hasn't been able to talk to either Master or Senpai that often lately, so he thought that this'd be a good opportunity to chat together like they used to...

It's just, it'd be such a waste to throw it away after finding it in the first place...

Sparkling-oniisan left it in Sora's hands so he could make good use of it, too...

But there really isn't an item in the world that can just solve all your problems that easily, huh?


Natsume: So...?

Sora: Huh? Um, yes?

Natsume: This magic lantern — or raTHER, this broken part that looks like it came from ONE... What were you going to do with IT? Is it important to YOU?

If SO, then I'll do my very best to look into how to fix it for YOU.

Luckily, I'm able to do all kinds of things NOW... There's nothing in this world I'd consider completely impossiBLE.

Our agency is as puny as ever, BUT... With Double Face keeping the other agencies in CHECK, and Knights bringing home the baCON, we're able to get stronger and stronGER.

Soon eNOUGH, we'll be able to turn both Yumenosaki Academy and the Specialized Music Zone into our very own "Black Magic Atelier".

By gathering large quantities of people, funds and the LIKE, we’re laying the groundwork for our sorceRY.

If we can use it effectiveLY, then there's nothing we can't DO. It's taken longer than I thought it WOULD, so we’ve kept you waiting for quite some time, BUT...

We of Switch are just getting starTED.

At the very LEAST, Senpai and I are both doing our best to ensure that no misfortunes will befall us in the fuTURE.

Sora: (Sora knows that.

Both Master and Senpai are working themselves to the bone for the sake of the future.)

Natsume: ...? Sora, instances of you falling silent like this have become quite common lateLY.

If there's anything you want to SAY, then feel free to do SO, no matter what it might BE. We'll hear you out and do whatever it is you ASK.

Master and Senpai are both doing such important, meaningful work… They're so busy each and every day that they can't afford to spend time with Sora anymore.

So if Sora asked that of them, he'd be a nuisance to them… And that's the number one thing Sora wants to avoid.)

Natsume: You're looking downhearted aGAIN...

What is IT? Are things oKAY? This magic lantern — or, well, this part of it — you said you and Baru-kun found this machine together, BUT... That boy didn't say anything bad to you, did HE?

He's essentially someone who can't read the atmosPHERE, and he says whatever he's thinking with no filter at ALL, so I'm worried about YOU.

You two are roomMATES, but has he gone and hurt your delicate HEART?

Sora: Huh? Oh, no, Sparkling-oniisan's always really nice to Sora!

He even gave Sora this part of the magic lantern because it'd be too difficult to split it up equally, you know?

Natsume: Ahaha... ObjectiveLY, I’d say he just left you with a handful of trash — is that really what a “kind older brother” would DO?

Still, I suppose he's matured a BIT. This never would've happened in the past — back THEN, if he found something shiNY, he would've kept it all to himSELF.

Sora: Haha, he's the exact opposite of Senpai, isn't he? And yet Master's really good friends with both of them~! It's a wonder, isn't it?

Natsume: Heheh. It's because I’m able to adapt to THEM... They're such a tiresome BUNCH ♪