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Projection★The Magic Lantern That Reflects the Heart - Mysterious 3

Natsume: Well, that aSIDE... Most of those attending Yumenosaki Academy are able to get some successful experience under the patronage of the just and righteous rule of Knights, since they're a veteran uNIT.

The harder you WORK, the bigger the payoff will be; you'll be able to appreciate your victories and successes that much MORE.

If you put in the effort as an iDOL, then you'll get rewarded just the same; it's a system that ES is under, as WELL.

No—that's likely why ES is "a utopia for iDOLS".

The unit system, the L$ system, and various other ONES... They're all in place to make that vision a realiTY.

Yumenosaki is the same WAY, as it's connected to ES. As long as you do as you're TOLD, you'll succeed; that is the shortcut they’ve provided US.

Stories about how "If you graduate from a good school and get a good job, then you'll be happy" were lost once the bubble economy BURST.

But essentialLY, there's an idol equivalent to that story TOO.

Of COURSE, there's also those who don't fit into the mainstream narraTIVE...

There are those who rebel against such a sySTEM, trying to avoid becoming mass-produced "products" fresh off a factory's conveyor BELT.

Our duty as Switch members is to collect those black sheep and dropouts; we'll take them and carve a path for THEM. It's our mission to help those who've been left beHIND.

But just gathering them up isn't enough; if you're too WEAK, you can't save anyone at ALL... That's something I've known all too WELL. The events of the Bon Festival just solidified it for ME.

As a result of the Bon FestiVAL, every idol aside from ALKALOID left ES. I might've been able to save THEM, if only I had reached out my HAND...

Natsume: In the END, what were we ever able to do for THEM? Did we only manage to give them something to rememBER?

Sora: .......

Natsume: Of COURSE, for the idols that were laid off over the sumMER, we've prepared a system that'll give them a second chance in the Specialized Music Ward, BUT...

Well, it's better than nothing, and that's about IT.

We should’ve given them a taste of real happiNESS, without using the only remaining safety net we still have.

We're not strong enough yet though; unfortunately, we lose what we have just as quickly as we pick it UP.

The weak can't save anyONE, and dreams and ideals won't fill an empty stoMACH. That's why we needed a more realistic approach to poWER.

I can't stay a child living in a dream forEVER, merely surviving by being protected by oTHERS.

I need to be as strong as my niisans—strong enough for me to at least be able to protect someONE.

...That's what I beLIEVE, so I've been involving myself with various THINGS... Like colluding with both Knights and the Student CounCIL, in an attempt to act as the mastermind behind the story at SCHOOL.

We're creating an environment where those without hope of fitting in can win a little and find some sucCESS.

We've reformed the school's DreamFes system to give kids without a lucky break a way to score a few victories—

So that even the students who had no choice but to be a minority can be happy in a fair way, TOO.

Of COURSE, you can't just slack off and chit-CHAT, but no matter which path they CHOOSE... There's at least a way for them to reach that utopiA.

Well, I'm doing what I can to make that HAPPEN. While I am a fortunetelLER, it's not like I can see the future—I don't know if what I'm doing is necessarily the "right" THING.

Natsume: But no matter WHAT, I refuse to just stand by and do nothing ever aGAIN.

Sora: ......♪

Natsume: ...? Sora, what're you up TO?

Sora: —Oh! Sora was just listening to you, Master!

Natsume: Ahhh... Sorry, I've just been prattling on and on about things you're not involved IN.

Even I'm anxious I supPOSE; perhaps I want somebody to tell me that I’m doing the right THING.

So I'm scrambling to find the words to justify everything to mySELF.

Sora: Haha~♪ Ever since Sora first met you, Master, you've never made a single mistake! That's why Sora respects you so much!

Natsume: You're always like THAT, reaffirming us despite our FAULTS, but we're just taking advantage of your kindness and leaving you all on your loneSOME.

I thought we realized this and reflected on it during Next Door, YET… I wonder if we're just making the same mistakes as alWAYS.

Sora: It's okay! Sora's thought of a way to distract himself from getting too lonely!

Look, these are the dolls Senpai made before~♪ Even when Sora can't see the real things, he can be happy talking to these little guys!

Natsume: ......

Sora: "Sora-kun! You're in good spirits today!" "Did something nice haPPEN, Sora?"

Natsume: ......

Sora: "Hihi~♪ Yep! Sora doesn't really understand all the difficult parts, but he's sure all of Master's and Senpai's hard work will pay off!"

"And that makes Sora super-de-duper happy!"

"Is that so! Then as long as you're happy, Sora-kun, so am I!" "Me TOO~!"

Natsume: ......!

Natsume: ≪I'm sorry! Sora...! Don't use those dolls to console yourself like that...!≫

≪I'll give you as many hugs as you want! So stop doing something so utterly heartbreaking...!≫

Sora: Huh? No, uh, like Sora said, everything’s okay~...?