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Projection★The Magic Lantern That Reflects the Heart - Mysterious 4

(A few hours later, at the New Dimension office)

Tsumugi: A-ha-ha ☆

Natsume: .......

Tsumugi: I see~. Natsume-kun's still not as mature as he thinks he is, huh?

At school, you're always being called the "heir" to the Eccentrics, and you walk around as if you have no worries at all, but...

Really, there's only a year's difference between us—you're still just a kid, aren't you? It’s only natural that your lack of experience would make you end up repeating the same mistakes.

That's perfectly normal, so I have nothing to condemn you for; I'm not in any position to criticize you anyway. It's impossible for humans to be completely "perfect".

Though you and Sora-kun want to say things like, "Magic can make the impossible possible!"

That's just an empty promise~. No one can change the laws of physics.

Natsume: ...... (hits himself as hard as he can)

Tsumugi:Ah—!? What are you doing — please don't hurt yourself!

Sora: Even though Sora's told him that nobody wants that, Master’s still been acting like this for a while now!

Tsumugi: Then it's time to stop talking and start acting, isn't it!? Sora-kun, hold down Natsume-kun's legs! I'll bind him with packing tape!

Natsume: Stop THAT! I trampled Sora's feelings without merCY, so I ought to be puNISHED!

Tsumugi: In that case, I'm guilty of the same crime, so hit me instead! You can even do it as much as you want, since I got used to it from all the times you’ve punched me in the past!

Natsume: Excuse ME? What the hell’s the point in punishing you if you’re okay with IT? Are you an idiOT? I never hit you for retribution's sake in the first PLACE!

Tsumugi:Ummm, but if that wasn't why you always hit me, then don't you think that level of violence was totally unreasonable!?

Sora: But that’s Master's way of showing his love, isn't it? Sora thought Senpai understood that too~?

Tsumugi: Well, er, I sort of get what you're saying, but I really wished he would have expressed his affection in a much gentler, non-violent way —

H-Hey now, please don't struggle so much, Natsume-kun!

Natsume: Grrr— ugh—!

Tsumugi: Please calm down! This is the office; people are watching us, you know!?

You try so hard to put on such a nice, classy persona in front of other people, but then you lose your cool at the most crucial of moments ♪

I think it's cute though, so I can't say I hate it at all...♪

Natsume:...! ...! (bound by packing tape so he can't move or speak)

Tsumugi: —phew. That'll do. It's been a while since you acted out like that, hasn't it~? You've been so calm and collected these days that I thought I was hallucinating or something like that... It reminded me of how things were two years ago.

Sora: U-um, Sora's sorry! This is his fault, right? Because he did something unnecessary...?

Tsumugi: Unnecessary...? I don't feel like you're at fault for anything just based on what I heard earlier, Sora-kun.

It’s simply that, after seeing his loveable Sora-kun consoling himself with a plushie in such a sorry state... Natsume-kun must've lost his mind from how overwhelmed with guilt he became.

He is, at heart, a very gentle soul after all. Heheheh ♪

Sora: Senpai is gentle too! But despite that, you’re always so calm... Or actually, Sora never really sees your color change at all. It's a little weird~?

Tsumugi: Heheh — well, that's because I don't think I'm really all that nice... I’ve become naturally insensitive. They say that the more you know about pain, the kinder you are, but...

I wonder if I'm not able to be a truly kind person because I no longer acknowledge any pain?

Sora: HaHa~? That sounds like some super complicated stuff~?

Master's the one who usually explains tough stuff to Sora, but—

Tsumugi: Hmmm, I wonder if that's why you haven't developed a habit of thinking for yourself, Sora-kun... Natsume-kun's sheltered you, hasn't he?


Tsumugi:Though, speaking of him, have you calmed yourself down enough yet, Natsume-ku~n? If you swear not to act out again, then I'll free you — how's that sound?

Natsume: ......

Sora: Master, your color's become complicated~?

Tsumugi: He's annoyed that he has to do as I say, but he has to... That's probably how he feels?

If you keep studying human psychology, Sora-kun, then you'll be able to tell what someone's thinking at a glance.

Sora:Sora has been studying! But it's still pretty difficult for him~?

Tsumugi: Haha... You'd have to be psychic to really be able to read someone's mind. It's dangerous to believe in that kind of fantasy though, isn't it?

Sora: ......?