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Natsume Sakasaki - Like Oil And Water

Tsumugi: Ahhh, let me check them then... Eight, nine.... Ten. Yep, all good.

Ah, I'm sorry for making you come all this way just to do some autographs... I'm so grateful for the help, Natsume-kun ♪

Natsume: Don't mention IT. Sora's the one who asked me to help make Switch more popuLAR... Can I go NOW?

Tsumugi: Ye—actually, no, there's still one more thing...

It's about the development of the fortune-telling show you're headlining.

Natsume: What developMENT? It's just an online program that's focused on free talk with GUESTS...

I don't think there's anything to talk about in regards to such a simple conCEPT.

Tsumugi: We got an additional request from production. They'd like you to invite a classmate from the idol course as your first guest.

Natsume: ...A classMATE? For what reaSON?

Tsumugi: They'd like to show off to the audience what makes you "you" by inviting someone around your age on... Is that okay?

Well, whether it is or not... You'll tell me when you've found an idol who matches the requirements, won't you?

Natsume: What a PAIN... I'll just let you pick someONE.

Tsumugi: That's fine by me, but... are you sure? You'll have to accept whoever I choose, you know?

Natsume: ...What's with THAT? Are you planning on harassing me someHOW?

Tsumugi:Never. I was just thinking you'd be more comfortable with someone you picked yourself.

Try as I might, there's no way I could know every one of your friends well, Natsume-kun.

Natsume: ...I suppose SO. I'd hate it if someone I barely talked to was brought ON...

Fine, I'll find someone mySELF.

Tsumugi: I appreciate it. Make sure you find a good partner to bring, alright? ♪

Ah—sorry, the staff's calling for me. I'll see you later.

Natsume: ...Alright, what am I going to DO...

If I only consider those in the same class as me and with whom I have a good relationship WITH, then I'll definitely be able to narrow down the LIST...

Arashi: Oh my, if it isn't Natsume-chan!

How unexpected... Did you have something to take care of at the agency too?

Ritsu: Is there any other reason to be here? It's not like it's the kind of place anyone'd just kill time at...

Natsume: Hmmm... Kaminari-san and Little Brother-kun, HUH...? Everyone present except Suu-kun is a MATCH.

Tsukasa: What's the meaning in discluding me? I'd prefer if you didn't leave me out.

Natsume: Don't CARE. You don't meet my requireMENTS.

I'm going to be hosting a fortune-telling SHOW, and production said they'd like me to invite a classmate for my GUEST.

Since the free talk portion is the main DRAW, it's fine if I just ask an acquaintance to COME... So I've been looking for someone to make an appearANCE.

I'd owe either one of you for helping me OUT... So what do you SAY?

Arashi: Come to think of it, I asked you to read my fortune not that long ago, huh... Fortune-telling...

I only believe in that kind of thing on the news program if the reading's good, so I wonder if that's okay... How about you, Ritsu-chan?

Ritsu: They've got intimacy readings, don't they? I always check the paper's astrology corner to see what Pisces' is ♪

Arashi:My star-sign? Why?

Ritsu: Because Maakun's one...♪

Arashi: Ohhh, riiight... He sure is.

What day are you shooting, by the way? I can't really consider it if I've already got something going on...

(A while later)

Makoto: ...I see... I'd really like to help you out if you're in trouble, but...

Natsume: So you have a prior engagement TOO?

Makoto: Yeah... If I really rush, then I could probably make an appearance, but... the actual studio I've got work at is pretty far away, so I might be late.

I'd be at fault if things got delayed, so... sorry, I can't?

Natsume: ...That's the sixth person to turn me DOWN. Reality is so CRUEL.

It's not like it's a bad day to record or anyTHING... Everyone just already has something going ON.

...I guess I should contact the producers and see if they'll let Sora be the first GUEST.

Subaru: Foooooound you! Heey, Natsume~!

Natsume: But something like that would be meaningLESS...

Subaru: Wh—hey, stop ignoring meeeee! Natsume, c'moooon, you know I hate it when you do thaaaaat!

Natsume: ...What? I don't have time for whatever it is you WANT.

Subaru: I know that! Look, I heard from Sally—you're looking for a classmate to appear on whatever, right?

That can be me! I'm free all day today, and we're more than just classmates—we're friends! That makes me extra qualified...☆

Natsume: Your wild imagination is annoying as alWAYS. That's why you weren't even up for consideraTION...

But I guess beggars can't be chooSERS. You'll DO.

Did Sally-kun tell you everything? Then we can get it done all in one DAY.

Subaru: Wait, hold ooon! Since I'm appearin' on your show, we should spend more time together~!

Natsume: My answer isn't any different than normal: NO.

Subaru: You're no fun... In that case, tell my fortune for me! Since that's what your show's all about!

Natsume: ...Fine, SURE. I'll give you a reading just this ONCE.

So? What exactly do you want me to diVINE?

Subaru: Ummm, let's see... How about an honest take on "The Compatibility Between Me and Natsume"?

Natsume: This is so pointLESS, but FINE. Our compatibiliTY...

...is "good eNOUGH". Isn't that NICE.

Subaru: Woah, really!? Awesooome~!

But of course it's good! We've been friends since we were first years, after all~! Huggy-hug...~☆

Natsume: Don't cling to me like THAT, it's way too HOT... And it's way too soon to celebrate TOO. Your surroundings can crumble around you in the blink of an EYE.

One day we might become completely incompatiBLE, just like oil and waTER ♪

Subaru: Heh-heh-heh... Don't you know anything about emulsification? Depending on how you mix them in cooking, oil and water can blend together well ♪

So even if me and you totally end up like that, the fact we're such good friends won't change ☆

Natsume: Geez... That's exactly what I was talking about beFORE...

Subaru: Hey, Natsume~. I think we're two of a kind. Don't you? ♪

Natsume: What? Not at ALL.