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Natsume Sakasaki - Idol Story, Part 1

Natsume: Good morning, ProduCER ♪

Just KIDDING, it’s already night, isn't IT? Of course I can see THAT~, though here day and night have become almost indistinguishable from one another due to my staying UP.

Becoming overly absorbed in someTHING - or realLY, monomaNIA - is a weak point of MINE.

I’m developing chemicals to use on STAGE—If I COULD, I would never stop experimenting with new ways to do SO.

Hmm? All-nighters aren’t good for my HEALTH? I had better SLEEP?

That’s my LINE. I appreciate and admire your efFORT, working into the late hours of the NIGHT, howeVER —

You’re still a student busily toiling over schoolwork on top of THAT - you don’t even have any time to spare for roMANCE, do YOU?

Though if that’s how you’ve chosen to live your LIFE, then FINE.

On the contraRY, it’s said you should be willing to go through struggles while you’re YOUNG. You’ll hear that for many years to COME.

That SAID, we aren’t GODS. We have our liMITS, and I’d advise that if you begin to feel worn-out that you should reLAX.

If you believe you'll remain in good health whilst continuing on this path regardLESS, you'll drop DEAD.

You are a produCER - a fertile ground which makes those called idols BLOOM.

We don’t wish for those grounds to dry up completely and become a deSERT. To US, that would be the same as the world endING.

Fufu. I think it’d be nice for love to be considered an oasis for the heart, but what about YOU, Little Kitten? ...Do you have some free time after THIS? Just a BIT? Would you like to grab a bite to eat in that CASE?

《With a sprinkling of water, I'll bloom the blossom of love within your heart. ♪》

...What’s THAT? Talking like that is off-putTING, so I better cut it OUT?

And just when I was able to say that so easiLY— Making fun of me doesn’t bother me one BIT.

What a boring GIRL — You’ve grown up into a truly respectable aDULT...

As a magiCIAN, a character from the world of fairy-TALES, I have no choice but to slink away sadLY, do I?

Fufu. You’re happy that I seem to be worried about YOU? I was going to have you follow me so that I could comfort YOU… You’re a kind and good girl after ALL ♪

Still - that’s no GOOD, Little Kitten. If you give men positive affirmation when they callously make a pass at YOU, they’ll quickly take advantage of YOU.

Some lowlife might get the wrong impresSION, thinking, “This person’s been so nice to ME, like my momMY,” like some confused little baBY.

Don’t come crying to me if he gets too riled up and pins you DOWN.

The other NIGHT, I heard about something that happened in a neighboring agenCY. You haven’t?

In this day and age, those who control info control everyTHING, so you have to stay SHARP, or you’ll be left beHIND.

Well, I only heard it through the grapeVINE, so I don’t know all the deTAILS, howeVER...

As the story GOES, somewhere in the middle of the NIGHT, a suspicious person broke into a buildING.

He spotted an office worker doing late-night overtime and called out to HER. It went like THIS—

《My my, young lady, just what are you doing all alone this late at night?

Aren’t you lonely? How pitiful… Wouldn’t it be nicer if you played with me instead?

I’ll take you away to a fun place — 》

— And upon saying THAT, they’d suddenly grab YOU! Like THIS! Raaawwwr ☆

...AhaHA ♪ I’m only joKING. I wouldn’t really jump YOU.

You’re a girl after ALL, ProduCER. If someone saw us embraCING, there’d be quesTIONS.

But something like that could really hapPEN, even if this building’s security was beefed up recentLY.

Whenever possiBLE, don’t do any overtime without telling someone FIRST, okAY?

By the WAY, the criminal from that story still hasn’t been CAUGHT. Though who knows if the guy I heard about was really huMAN.

I heard this building was built over the former site of a graveYARD — maybe it was a ghost or a demon inSTEAD ♪

Listen carefulLY. Can’t you hear the dreadful groaNING? “OooOOoo, oooOOOooo…” ♪

I wonder why they’re still going on with construcTION, even SO…?

Fufufu. That’s why I strongly advise against continuing to work LATE.

Or else something terrible could eat YOU — that’s my adVICE, Producer.

NOW, I’m going HOME, so keep up the good WORK, oKAY? Bye-bye ♪

...Hm~? Why did you tell me to STOP, ProduCER?

Since I didn’t get any SLEEP, I should hurry home and get to BED?

Ah, you’re leaving today as WELL? It’s not because my story scared you or anyTHING, but because I recommended against doing overTIME…?

Okay ♪ Then let’s leave the building togeTHER. I, Natsume Sakasaki, shall be your GUARD.

I’ll call a taxi as WELL, so you should be able to get home safely from THERE. “Thank you”? Don’t mention IT ♪

Though it is nice to get THANKED… While helping someone out when they’re in trouble might not be a big deal nowaDAYS, originalLY, that was the duty of us magiCIANS ♪