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Natsume Sakasaki - Idol Story, Part 2

Natsume: (humming)~♪

Sora: Haha~♪ Master~, are you humming ‘cause you’re in a good mood~? That’s gotta be it, since your color’s all sparkly!

Hihi~? Master~, what’re you doing? You’re fiddling with some leaves instead of your usual test tube.

Natsume: YEP, I’m growing HERBS. As a magiCIAN, preparing my own medicinal ingredients is something I ought to DO.

Sora: Huhu~? That so?

Natsume: The key to creating highly potent medicines begins with its ingrediENTS... Just kidDING.

AnyWAY, I was planning on using what I gathered here to make some medicinal TEA.1

The recipe is quite simPLE. ♪ In a large POT, add these herbs and some mandrake ROOT…

Boil them in a mugwort-based STOCK, and as a finishing TOUCH, toss Senpai IN, then stir vigorously until compleTED. ♪

Tsumugi: Hold on, why did I become an ingredient!?

Ugh~ I don’t think I’d add anything good to it…!

...Oh, this must be one of your trademark jokes!

Natsume: NOPE. If there really were a pot HERE, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw you IN.

Tsumugi: There you go again~. In the first place, isn’t the mandrake just a scary plant frequently found in stories? Something like that couldn’t really exist, right?

Natsume: They do exIST. Senpai’s just imagining the one that screams when you pull out its ROOTS.

FamousLY, it’s said if you hear its SCREAM, you’ll DIE.

In reality THOUGH, it can’t do something like THAT. WELL, since it's toxIC, it can't be used for this medicinal tea anyWAY…

Tsumugi: Is that so? You’re so amazing, Natsume-kun, knowing all about stories like this~ ♪

Natsume: HMPH. Don't act so imPRESSED and move those hands of YOURS… AH, make sure to give plenty of water to those herbs over THERE.

On the contraRY, the herbs opposite of those are ones that dislike moisTURE. A moderate watering is eNOUGH.

Sora: Hehe~♪ Master~, this herb has a refreshing color! What is it?

Natsume: Ah, that one’s rosemaRY. It’s an herb that can improve blood circulaTION, and act as an antibacteriAL. You can put it into a saCHET, and use it in cooking as WELL.

Mmmm. With how much there IS, it won't be a problem to pick SOME, so let’s do SO.

Tsumugi: If I’m not mistaken, you can use it to make talismans, too... Could I have some too? I’ve had a streak of bad luck recently.

Natsume: That’s FINE, but isn't Senpai always unlucKY?

Tsumugi: Eep, but it’s been really bad! Losing money, having the person before me in line buy the last item I want in stock…

They’re trivial things, but having nothing but that kind of stuff happening one after another really sank my mood…

Natsume: If you’re glooMY, then of course you’ll summon bad luck to YOU.

HonestLY, you’re such a nuiSANCE. Give me your HAND. I’ll give you a special serVICE.

Tsumugi: Huh - what are you going to do?

Natsume:≪Just hold it out.≫/

Tsumugi: Eek - please don’t glare at me~.

...Huh? This is… a talisman? If it’s one you’ve put your power into Natsume-kun, it must be super-effective!

Natsume: ...Well, it should be able to dispel some of your bad LUCK. Just keep it close BY.

Tsumugi: Yes, I'll be sure to treasure it! Fufu, to have been given one of these by you… Natsume-kun, you really are a kind child ♪

Natsume: ... (punches Tsumugi in the stomach)

Tsumugi: Hyurk—!? Wh-What was that for!? Actually, hasn’t it been a while since you punched me that hard!?

Sora: Hoho~♪ Senpai and Master~, you both sure are getting along like always~♪

Eheheh. You two getting along makes Sora really happy!

Natsume: I wouldn’t go that far about me and this glasses-wearing mopHEAD.

AnyWAY. Since we’ve finished picking HERBS, let’s go wash our HANDS, Sora.

It’d be bad if you ruined THEM. I made a soap using ingredients that are gentle on the SKIN, so you should use it to get them nice and CLEAN ♪

Sora: Okay! What’re you gonna do with the herbs you picked, Master~?

Natsume: Ah, good question. I'm going to wash half of them to use for cooking and for medicinal TEA, and then put out the rest to sun-DRY.

Sora: What kind of cooking?

Natsume: I plan on using the herbs to stew with some chicKEN, or cook them with sardines if you feel like having FISH.

Sora: Oh! That sounds really yummy~♪ Sora got hungry just hearing that!

Natsume: HmmMMM… Just in time for LUNCH, isn't IT? Once we return to the dormitoRY, I’ll make something for YOU.

Sora: HaHa~♪ Thanks much, Master~! Sora’s really looking forward to having Master's yummy cooking~♪

Tsumugi: Me too~♪

Natsume: …? What are you getting excited aBOUT? I said I’d make some for Sora - I didn’t say I’d make any for YOU.

Tsumugi: Huh?! No, well… I guess not, but…

Am I being left out…?

Natsume: I’m just kidDING. Let’s GO, Sora.

Sora: Coming, Master~!

Tsumugi: Ah, wait up! Natsume-kun! Sora-kun!

  1. Tea based on shíliáo practices.