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Rocket Start - sparse flash 2

Natsume: You've lived such an arduous life until now, haven't YOU... Subaru Akehoshi-kun.

I underSTAND. We're at that age where those "parents" of ours become unignorable existenCES. To some, they're akin to "GOD".

The "gods" in my family are more than a little mischieVOUS, but they're good peoPLE, so my world has stayed fairly peaceFUL.

But your family's been graced by the god of disasTER... You've endured such loneliness in a ruined WORLD.

≪...How terribly heart-breaking.≫

Subaru: ......

Natsume: Ahaha... SorRY. It seems as if I've crossed a LINE.

This is another of my bad haBITS. My mommy taught me as I grew up to identify and strike at others' weak points without merCY.

Subaru: Heheh... I don't understand half the words coming out of your mouth—you're a weirdo, huh?

Natsume: I’m simply just acting that WAY. At our AGE, our sense of self is easily influenCED...

Those who don't solidify their own character will end up dyed in the colors of those around THEM, and lose themselves as a reSULT.

I don't intend to sell myself out for such a measly SUM.

I'd rather the masterpiece known as "Natsume Sakasaki," the only one of its kind in the WORLD, be sold for the highest price possiBLE.

I don't want to be the same as everyone else—mass produced and used up as quickly as toilet paPER.

I will be the hero of my own story—that's exactly what I was born to DO.

Subaru: ......

Natsume: ...Look at me carrying ON. I'm still rather immature; it seems as if I can't recite this script in its entireTY.

To get back on track—I'll lend you a hand with day duTY. That's what I wanted to offer from the START.

It's just a bad habit of mine to ramble ON.

Subaru: Ahaha... Calling yourself out on your bad habits each and every time you catch yourself doing something...

It really feels like you're trying to establish the "boundaries" of your character, huh?

Putting yourself on blast so you can correct yourself and so that the person you're talkin' to knows what kind of person you are...~ You're really killin' two birds with one stone, aren'tcha ♪

Natsume: (Hmph... He's certainly no fool; he can see right through ME.

I thought if I told him I wanted to be friends and lend a hand, he'd warm up to me without a second THOUGHT...

But he makes such straightforward observations without a care in the WORLD, his eyes sparkling with genuine interEST...

Those uninspired mobs must find it so tireSOME.

Beneath an endlessly shining SUN, one's surroundings will wither and DIE, turning grassland into deSERT.

It's not as if the sun wants for such a tragedy to occur; it's simply its nature as the sun that causes the area around it to turn into a blazing inferNO.

Well, the sun in question doesn't seem to notice his effect on oTHERS, so I might be able to have some measure of control over HIM. Of course, I'll die instantly if I make a misTAKE... But even that's interesting in its own WAY ♪)

Subaru: Hey, why'd you go all quiet...?

Sorry! I must've said something weird/off-putting again, didn't I? Eeeeevery so often, I'll say this or that, and everything'll go silent...

Natsume: Ah, I expected as MUCH... But you know, that only shows how powerful your words ARE.

If you can successfully harness the power in the meaning of what you SAY, there won't be a single person in the world you can't make SMILE.

Subaru: Ahaha~... That'd be nice, but the only person I wanna make smile right now is the one right in front of me, not the whole world.

'Cause you know, Natsume, it doesn't really feel like you're smiling when you smile. Maybe it's just my imagination, but it feels like it doesn't reach your eyes at all.

Natsume: Ahaha... They may say that "the eyes are the window to the soul," but when it comes down to it, the muscles around them can't be conTROLLED.

The depths of the human heart can't be completely reflected in the EYES.

On the contraRY, it can be difficult to discern a person's nature solely by their gaze—after all, what lies in those eyes are nothing but one’s “true SELF”.

And mankind doesn't have the ability to distinguish between such things YET.

Subaru: Ooh, so you get around talkin' about anything you don't wanna address by sayin' a bunch of stuff that just sounds meaningful, huh! Man, once you get the rules down-pat, it's a total breeze to talk to you, Natsume~♪

Hokuto: ......

Subaru: Wh— whoa!?

Natsume: Nice timING. ...Did you forget someTHING, Hidaka-kun?

Hokuto: Yes, I forgot my club admission form. I left it here—I hid it in the very back of my desk because it's important, and yet...

...Sakasaki, are you calling dibs on that guy? Flitting around from one person to the next—how faithless.

The only person you can rely on is yourself; you'll get trapped if you involve yourself with too many others.

Natsume: ≪Thank you ever so much for the advice ♪≫

Hokuto: Hm... You're Akehoshi, right? I'd steer clear of Sakasaki if I were you.

He just uses us—or rather, guys like us, who've got famous parents—for his sinister plots.

Getting involved with him gets you nothing but trouble. You've gotta have heard the rumors about him, right? He's bad news.

Natsume: How kind of you to say SO. You were less useful than expecTED, so I decided to try my luck with Akehoshi-kun inSTEAD.

Hokuto: Is that so... Though I told you not to expect anything out of me in the first place.

Anyway—you two can't just stick around forever. Go home.

Our homeroom teacher might be the type of person to let sleeping dogs like, but as the class president, if you go too far messing around I’ll be the one who gets scolded.

Subaru: We're not up to anything bad~! I'm just cleaning up ♪

Hokuto: Haven't you already done day duty...? Did someone push it off onto you?

...Do you need some help?

Subaru: Oh, no, it's okay! Natsume's gonna lend me a hand—we'll probably be done with it soon enough.

Hokuto: I see. That's good, then. Alright, sorry to disturb you all; see you tomorrow.

Subaru: Mmhmm, see ya tomorrow~♪

....Eheheh. I got to talk to a bunch of my classmates today.