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(Rocket Start) Makoto Yuuki - Normal Event, "Birds of a Feather"

Makoto: Ahh, sorry for stopping you... Umm, Sakasaki-kun. I heard from Akehoshi-kun that... you were thinking of joining the Game Club? It'd make me really happy if you did... Though, actually, right now it's in a bit of trouble...

Natsume: [Choice 1: I don’t plan on joiNING.]

Possibility 1: Is that so? That's weird, since I heard you were a potential member from Akehoshi-kun... How’d you know someone from the Student Council came to see us? Ahh, so it’s because you’re a magician..? That’s cool, but for some reason it kinda feels like you’re dodging the question~?

Possibility 2: Ahh, that’s a little disappointing... I mean, it'd be really reassuring if you did join, Sakasaki-kun! If you did, then I feel like we'd be able to manage someway or another...♪

Natsume: [Choice 2: I can give you a consultaTION.]

Possibility 1: Ahh, now that you mention it, you do fortune-telling, right? I feel like I've heard something like that floating around... Huh, I have to pay!? Ahaha, well, I’ll just settle for accepting your feelings in that case...

Possibility 2: Thanks. I’m really happy you offered, but... uh, sorry, I hope I’m not offending you? I just feel like your smile looks a little shady, Sakasaki-kun. Maybe it’s just my imagination, though?

Makoto: Hey, Sakasaki-kun, what kind of games do you like? I’m pretty curious ‘cause I was a little surprised when I found out you were looking into the Game Club. I kinda just thought you wouldn’t really be interested.

Natsume: [Choice 1: How presumptuOUS.]

Possibility 1: Th-that's true, I was assuming things about you... Then I’m sorry for thinking that you’d be haughty, cat-like, and tsun too! Eh? You didn’t expect me to presume that much?! Sorry, sorry, I’m sorry!

Possibility 2: Ahh, sorry! But I didn't mean anything bad by it... You're just the type that stands out, and you don’t wear glasses like I do ... But it's good to know that you like games too. I’d be happy if we could get along even though we're in different classes.

Natsume: [Choice 2: Did you want a MATCH?]

Possibility 1: Well, games are something I have some confidence in~♪ What did you want to play? Puzzle games, fighting games, whatever genre's your strong point... The sort of games where you put your life on the line? Ahaha... That's just a joke, right? Sakasaki-kun?

Possibility 2: Eh, you're challenging me all of a sudden!? Can you wait a second? I wasn't ready for that... Until now, it's basically been just me, so suddenly having people to play with is throwing me off...

Makoto: Owowowowow... I tripped again. Ugh, glasses, glasses... I must've lost them when I fell... Just how many times is this going to happen?

Natsume: [Choice 1: Do those protect YOU?]

Possibility 1: Pr-Protect me... Ahaha, asking if they give me a defensive bonus — it looks like you kinda think in game logic too, Sakasaki-kun. I wear glasses since my eyesight's pretty bad, so I'm not planning on taking them off... But I might be able to at least try changing their frames?

Possibility 2: ...Why do you ask? Come to think of it, you know I used to model, huh… I'll say this just in case, but I'd really appreciate it if you didn't bring that up...

Natsume: [Choice 2: You shouldn't wear glassES.]

Possibility 1: Aaah, that’s too close! Is that you, Sakasaki-kun!? I can't see very well, but you're really close to me right now, aren't you!? ...I have beautiful eyes? Uugh, I'm begging you not to look. I can't calm down if someone’s staring at me. (sighs) Looks like I really can't stop wearing glasses, can I...

Possibility 2: Is- is that so? It’s embarrassing to have you stare at me like that... It would be a pain to put in contacts, though, and I’d feel like I was walking around naked if I stopped wearing glasses all of a sudden. There's no way I'd be able to calm down.