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(Rocket Start) Mao Isara - Normal Event, "Moonless Night's Companion"

Mao: Ritsu! Hey, wake up! You're seriously going to catch a cold if you sleep out here... Hey, Ritsu! Ritsu~!

Ritsu: [Choice 1: Shut uuuup...]

Possibility 1: Shut up, huh... Sheesh, I was just worried that you’d catch a cold. It’s not like it’s normal to lay around here in the first place, it’s where people park their bikes... Huh? Was there someone else laying around here? No way, it’s gotta be a stray dog or something like that.

Possibility 2: Fine. Then I’m gonna just leave you here and make my way home, okay? Is that alright by you? ... You don’t really want me to go, right? (sighs) ...Alright, hop on up, I’ll carry you back home at the very least.

Ritsu: [Choice 2: I'm not Ritsu.]

Possibility 1: Why you little… You’re obviously awake, so get a move on already. Besides, if you’re not Ritsu, then who the heck are you supposed to be? Ah, hey! Don’t turn your back on me! Cut it out, Ritsu~!

Possibility 2: No way, no matter how you look at it you’re definitely Ritsu. Honestly... You’re always such a handful, aren’t you. Come on, get up already. Let’s go home... Ricchan.

Mao: Sigh... Why do I always have to carry you home, Ritsu? You’re more energetic at night, aren’t you~? I know it’s a little late to be asking, but why were you even laying around a parking lot in the first place?

Ritsu: [Choice 1: Maakun, carry me.]

Possibility 1: Ugh... Hey, you’re clinging too much, you’re choking me. Whew... Come on, seriously, you know you’re older than me, right? You oughta act like it a bit more... Though, it is my fault for spoiling you so much, huh?

Possibility 2: There you go again. Seriously, just which of us is older? ‘Cause I can’t tell. We’re in the same grade this year, so it really doesn’t feel like you’re older than me at all... You’ve gotta really try and go up a grade this year, okay? If you don’t, then I really will leave you behind, y’know?

Ritsu: [Choice 2: I don't wanna go home.]

Possibility 1: What’s with that... Did something happen? You know you can talk to me anytime, so if you’ve got a problem then you can just say it, you know~? Uweh, why’re nuzzling my neck?! Stop that, I’m ticklish!

Possibility 2: Why not? When you get home, you’ll have your big bro, won’t you? There’ll be a lot of things to do then, like listening to the stories of his travels and stuff. ... You’re not interested in hearing about them..? Hey, if you don’t treat your big bro a little nicer, you’ll make him cry, you know?

Mao: Maaan, I’ve been pigeonholed once again into the duty of taking care of troublesome things, huh... And with the Student Council’s business too, it’s not like I’m jumping in there of my own accord, but at this rate I feel like I’m gonna get dragged in one way or another I mean, I know all I’m doing is complaining now, but... I'm seriously getting buried in work — I kinda feel like an exhausted salaryman.

Ritsu: [Choice 1: You basically already are one, right?]

Possibility 1: Ahaha. Yeah, even someone who just met me could tell that... Who was it— Makoto Yuuki. Come on, seriously? You guys are in the same class. The blond guy with the glasses? What’s with the sigh... A lack of interest? Or are you angry? Hey, what’s with the silent treatment?

Possibility 2: Ugh... What, so I’m already an exhausted salaryman right from the start of my high school career? Wait, even before now?! ... Yeah, yeah, it might seem that way, but you’re the one at fault for that.

Ritsu: [Choice 2: Keep talking.]

Possibility 1: Mmmm... I’m happy to hear you don’t mind, but whenever I talk to you, I get a bad feeling about how you’ll react. Could just be all in my head but... Yeah, no, I’m bang on. You were about to offer to kill everyone on my behalf just now, weren’t you? Would really appreciate it if you didn’t.

Possibility 2: It can’t be that fun listening to me bellyache, right~? Let’s find something better to talk about. But uh, thanks. For some reason, it feels like you’re always getting the brunt of my complaints, Ritsu. Call me a weirdo, but that’s what childhood friends do.