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(Subaru Akehoshi) Because We're Friends

Subaru: Heeeeeey, Natsume~! Wait up, wait up~! Don't just ditch me~!

Natsume: ...

Subaru: Now that I've caught you, a huggy-hug ☆

Natsume: ...I don't recall you ever asking permission to hug ME? It's already suffocatingly hot since it's sumMER.

Subaru: Well, then I want permission! And you can hug me too, of course!

Natsume: I still reFUSE... UGH, just let go of ME. You're really getting on my NERVES.

Subaru: Fiiiine... Natsume, you've been in a bad mood ever since we finished recording - what's up?

Did something happen? Didja find something you thought was suuuper shiny, but it just ended up being a reflection of the light when you got closer?

Natsume: Did I ask you to come with ME? I'm in a mood because of what you did.

You just appeared on the talk show as my friendly GUEST. I honestly never thought I'd have to talk about THAT.

Subaru: Hmm, what'd I say? I really don't remember.

Natsume: It was about last sumMER. Everything you said about my wanting to sleep over was a LIE.

Subaru: Huh, but I wasn't lying? You got really jealous about Blondie and Blue-senpai staying over at my house!

And then we finally got to have a sleepover ‘cause of the Class Live last year. It was sooo fun with Occhan and Zakisan there too ☆

Natsume: Bringing up such bitter memoRIES... Rather than being simply surPRISED, I’m impressed beyond WORDS.

Subaru: Ahaha, you're exaggerating~. Of course I remembered! They're good memories to me ☆

Of course, that sleepover's not the only good memory I have. I was suuuuper happy that we could talk so much during recording the episode too!

And speaking of being happy, I was really glad you chose me to guest star, too.

Natsume: ...I told you backSTAGE. I only invited you because you're the only acquaintance whose schedule I knew was oPEN.

Subaru: Uh huh, sure. But don't you think inviting me kiiiiinda makes us friends?

We're in different offices, and we're not even in the same class anymore either... But does that mean we can’t be friends now?

Natsume, from here on out, until we're both wrinkly old men, I wanna be friends ♪

Natsume: Getting overly excited really is one of your worst haBITS. After talking to you about IT, I'm starting to feel ridiculous for being so angry about it for so LONG.

Subaru: Really? Awesome~. Hey, hey, what're you doing after this?

Natsume: What do you MEAN? I'm done worKING, so I'm going back to the DORMS.

Subaru: Eh~? But it's rare that we're out together like this! So we should go somewhere.

Natsume: Not interesTED. You said that we’re OUT, but we’re only here for WORK...

Subaru: Whatever, let's go somewhere with lots of shops! Let's go~☆

Natsume: I said I wasN’T— Hold ON, stop shoving ME!

Subaru: Alright, we're here~! So, so, where do you wanna go?

Natsume: Why are you asking ME? Was bringing me here your GOAL?

Subaru: Yep. I wanna become even better friends with you, and have toooons of fun...☆

But I didn't know what to do, and I still don't know a lot about you.

That’s whyyy today, I wanna learn more about you! About the stuff you like, and what kind of places you usually have fun at!

So, where to? Wherever you wanna go, I'll go too!

Natsume: WELL, I wouldn't say there's anywhere in particuLAR...

Starmony Hall, perHAPS ♪

Subaru: Alright, then to Starmony Hall we go~.

Wait, that's the name of the dorms! Ugh, I meant somewhere on Saison Avenue, not going back there!

Natsume: Tsk, I got CAUGHT...

I underSTAND, so just do as you LIKE.

If I simply tell you what my favorite place to go IS, then it’ll be as if we’re still superficially speaking like we were on TV, wouldn’t IT? So rather than THAT, I’ll go along with whatever you find amuSING.

Subaru: Hurraaay! Thanks, Natsume! I love you~♪

Natsume: Yeah YEAH. Anywhere's FINE, though I don't want to deal with any noisy CROWDS.

Subaru: Ahaha! It's so like you to say you're okay with anywhere, then tack on a request...

Hmmmmmm, somewhere that's fun to hang out at with Natsume...

Then let's go to the arcade! You like that kinda stuff in the game research club, right? There’s fighting games, shooting games, rhythm games, horror games... ☆

Natsume: I just said it couldn't be somewhere noiSY. ... I guess games are fine, THOUGH.

WELL, I suppose I’ll go along with you just for NOW. I won’t go easy on you for this declaration of WAR, howeVER.

Subaru: That's what I was hoping for! There’s nothing I love more than going head to head with a friend!

Let's go conquer all the games at the arcade, Natsume...♪