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Sweet Hunt - Chapter 4

Ritsu: "Good to go, Maakun."

Mao: "Okay. That apron looks perfect on you!"

"Without further ado — this time we've reserved Café Cinnamon in order for Ritsu to show off his sweets-making skills!"

"Ahaha… You can't exactly see what he's making because of the pixelation, but… well, no matter what it looks like, it definitely tastes amazing!"

Ritsu: "I wanted my cooking to be loved in every shape and form… Yet you only judge a book by its cover, Maakun. Sob, there go my hopes and dreams…"

"The flour's crying for its unborn cookies. Oioioioioi… (crying noises)"

"Maakun's such an insensitive boy… I don't wanna be eaten by someone like that… (in a falsetto voice)"

Mao: "Wh— What!? Don't say anything that could be taken the wrong way!"

Mao: How's the footage look, Ritsu? Think the cooking scene's been cut nicely?

Ritsu: Heheh, seems good enough. You caught me looking perfectly at-ease… as expected of my dear old childhood friend... ♪

Mao: So you say, but aren't you always taking it easy~?

Ritsu: Nooope. It's definitely different when I've got you around… It's the perfect way to introduce my private life~♪

Mao: Oh yeah? Then this video was totally worth the effort.

If you ask me, it really was a good idea to film your sweets-making process since we ran out of your special cola.

And I got to have some fun with it too. Plus those sweets were seriously delicious.

Ritsu: It's just too bad they couldn't be shown on TV… I sure hope their tastiness came through.

Since we're done with the filming, does that mean the project's over?

Mao: Yeah, we'll be all wrapped up just as soon as Anzu gives the all-clear to the TV station.

They did a good job editing the taping for us, so we shouldn't have anything else left to do.

Ritsu: Oh, I see… So you won’t prioritize me anymore, huh…

...Good work, Maakun.

Mao: Naah, I didn't really do anything major, y’know. In fact, I'd say you did me a huge favor by working with me on this.

Ah, yeah — it's your turn next… How're you planning on doing Kagehira's intro?

Ritsu:Heheheh. We've got no choice but to show off our dorm room, so I'll have to ask Mikarin to clean it until it sparkles.

Mao: Ahaha… You won’t even help him out a little bit?

Rinne: Hey-ooo! Fresh idol, comin' through~

Gyahahaha! Take a look, Niki! It didn’t take us long to find juuust the person we were lookin' for. Ain't we some lucky ducks!

Mao: Shiina-senpai and Amagi-senpai…?

What's up? Did you need us for something?

Niki: Ahh, well, I just couldn't stop thinking about that cola… I’ve been experimenting, but so far nothing’s come out right, see?

So we swung by to see if we could get any hints… Mostly because Rinne-kun dragged me into it.

Normally you make cola by just boiling down spices into some kind of concentrate, right? Can you tell me which ones you used?

Ritsu: Oh, so you couldn't recreate the flavor after all?

Niki: Nhaha… Seems like it~. It's pretty embarrassing for a chef like me.

Ritsu: Mmmm, well, considering that I only made it by accident to start with... There's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Let's see… A hint… A hint…

Come to think of it, I might've used some of Gardenia's herbs from the common room?

Niki: Gardenia's herbs…?

Mao: Oh yeah, sometimes they'll bring vegetables and stuff and leave them on the table. So the mystery flavor's from that?

Ritsu: Yeah. I boiled down the spices like I usually would for cola, but it was kinda flat-tasting…

I couldn't think of anything else, so I threw some medicinal herbs in it.

Mao: Threw some in...? What if you'd put something poisonous in it? Isn't that dangerous~?

Ritsu: Mmm, it's not like we're fighting for the throne or anything… I really don't see anything that bad happening.

Rinne: That kinda shit doesn't apply to normal people, but we've got people from some pre-tty important families here in the dorms, don't we?

It’s the same with bees — it's called anaphylactic shock. If ya get stung twice, ya run the chance of dyin' from an allergic reaction, yeah?

Niki: You've gotta mind food allergies too.

Even I've been told, “I want to see your egg-free options” by a customer before.

Whoops, we got way off-track… Anyway, let's go check out Gardenia.

Sakasaki-kun and I worked together as part of that shuffle unit project, so it might be easiest to ask him…!

Mao: It just might be… Should we head over to the Starmony Dorms courtyard then?

I bet anyone who's a member of Gardenia would probably be able to tell you what kind of herbs they've got there.

Niki: Uhhh, Rinne-kun, you brought me all the way over here just to ditch me to go gambling!?

Rinne: What's wrong? You gonna get all lonely if we're apart?

We don't got anythin' else planned, and it ain't gonna change a thing if I go with you just to stand around doin' nothing, so I'm gonna go mess around!

"Good things come to those who wait" — alrighty then, I'm leavin' that as your good luck charm ♪

Niki: Wait a tick, what kind of charm is that? I mean, is gambling the only thing you think about!?

(sighs)... He's already gone. As soon as that guy makes up his mind about something, he won’t listen to anything else...

He's seriously got nooo sense of responsibility, does he? I look like an upstanding citizen compared to him!