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Sweet Hunt - Chapter 7

Rinne: Woah, yo, Niki-kyuuun, did drinkin' all that cola mess with your head or somethin'?

The hell makes ya think that if ya get tied up here you're gonna be able to make that phantasmagoricola?

Niki: It's just what I'm thinking… The secret was hunger all along.

Rinne: Hunger? Whatcha talkin' about?

Niki: Exactly what I said. I told you before, right? I drank that cola when I was on the verge of passing out.

It's 'cause I was starving.

And so, at that moment, a whole bunch of sugars and whatever's in medicinal herbs rushed right to my brain —

So, in other words: the secret ingredient in that cola is hunger!

Mao: Oh, I see… So Sakasaki was technically right about the 'hallucinogenic' part.

The drugs in Shiina-senpai's brain made the cola twice as flavorful — am I getting that right?

Maaan… That makes me want to ask if this is the plot of a cooking manga or something…

Actually, Shiina-senpai — I get your reasoning behind why you want to be tied up and forced to starve, but don't you think someone finding you like that's gonna cause a real ruckus?

Can't we try and do this a liiittle more delicately? Like, I dunno… try staying away from the fridge?

Niki: Ughhhh, but I don't think I can hold myself back on an empty stomach! You really shouldn't doubt my lack of self-control…!

Rinne: Man, you're a pain in the ass.

Fine, no two ways about it… How about we try this instead?

We’ll tie 'im to the post 'til the morn and ya boy’ll keep an eye on him, and then I'll just untie him before the café opens.

That way, ya can stay in Cinnamon worry-free. Howsat, Niki?

Niki: A-Are you okay with that?

But wouldn’t you have to stay here until morning too?

Rinne: Yeah. It's bad news for Crazy:B if ya keep on bein' such a lovesick puppy about this cola though. Those two are real lonely without us joinin’ em in practice, yanno?

Let's just deal with this pain-in-the-ass crap so we can start messin' around again, alright?

Niki: Rinne-kun… So even you can say nice stuff sometimes…

I really owe you one! Then I'm counting on you to keep watch on me ‘til the sun rises ♪

Mao: ...Things are getting reaaally crazy, huh?

Ritsu: Ahahaha… Well, I don't mind as long as we can get our hands on some phantasmagoricola.

It looks like everything's workin' out, Maakun, so let's head back to the dorms once Anzu's done eating. I'm dead tired from today...♪

Mao: Holy cr— don't come at me so fast!

Mrmm, am I supposed to carry you…?

Ritsu:Duh. Who else is gonna take care of me?

Mao: ...Geez. You're so spoiled, you know~?

Shiina-senpai, when you've finished that phantasmagoricola, let us have a taste too!

Niki: Of course! It'll be a thanks for all your help!

I'll treat you to the real "Phantasmagoricola" next time we meet!

(The following morning)


Mmmph… Did I doze off…?

Oh, right… I'm still tied to this post from yesterday.

It was to help with my self-control when I'm running on empty — I was cheating my hunger one way or another, but I guess I must've passed out...

But I'm a chef. I'm willing to put up with a whole lot if there's a chance to make something delicious at the end of the the tunnel —

Huh… Now that I think about it, I don't see hide nor hair of Rinne-kun…

There's a note left here…? Maybe it's from Rinne-kun… Ah, maybe he had to go to the bathroom or something?

Let's take a readsie…?

"Sorry, I forgot a new slots machine was comin' out! I'm gonna head on over there and have some fun, so good luck and take care ♪"

Huh, wh, wait. What happened to that promise we made yesterday!? Didn't you say you'd stick it out with me until morning!?!?

Urrrrgh, I'm gonna have to chew through this rope to escape...!

Guu, kyurururu… (Stomach growling)

Augh, this awful, bland taste and texture's way too hard on my poor empty stomach...

Rinne-kun, you liar! You brute! You good-for-nothing bastard! I'm never gonna trust anything you say ever agaaain!