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Sweet Hunt - Epilogue

(A few days later)

HiMERU: Oukawa, the cola has been ordered.

Kohaku: Thank ya kindly. The waitlist's gettin' real up there, so it’ll take a while for our order to get 'round to us...

That said— Niki-han's limited-time cola, huh? How’d he get the manager to put that on the menu?

I heard the secret spice to this was originally somethin' in Niki-han's brain while he was on the edge of starvation…

So he made a pseudo-replicant of it fer the general public — s'hard to believe, but that's the drink.

HiMERU: Heheh. There's nothing to fear; it isn't Shiina's idea, but merely something that humans are naturally born with.

Salts, sugars, fats — these nutrients are essential to human survival, but they also release dopamine in the brain. HiMERU heard Shiina took advantage of that.

However, HiMERU cannot claim that adding extra of those is good for your body.

In the same vein, foods such as cake and ramen are also considered rather harmful.

Kohaku: Huuuhhh… So it's safe t'drink?

HiMERU: Well, HiMERU can’t be sure, but— certainly Shiina's pride as a chef won't allow him to cook improperly… It has received rave reviews, and as a result, the cafe’s popularity has increased.

Kohaku: ...Do ya reckon our hard work practicin’ day in an’ day out the past couple'a days will be rewarded with this here cola?

Though, question is, what's Crazy:B's course of action now—

Rinne: Yooooo, sorry I'm late! Didja order one fer ya boy too, Himerunrun?

HiMERU: Yes. As you asked, HiMERU has ordered five colas. Are you that excited about this phantamagoricola, Amagi?

Rinne: Oi, don't get any weird ideas. Ya boy's not gonna drink all those.

As ya can tell, Niki's all busy 'n shit in the kitchen. That means we've only got three people to play Mahjong right now, yeah?

Soooo, I took the liberty of invitin' a couple people to join us ♪

Mao: …'scuse me. Trickstar's Mao Isara's here.

Ritsu: And Knights' Ritsu Sakuma too. Thanks for the other day~♪

Rinne: I doubt these two know the rules of mahjong, but at least we got the numbers to play now, yeah? Let's have a li'l fun while we're drinkin' ♪

Kohaku:(Sigh) ...It's gonna be a while before Crazy:B does anythin', huh?

HiMERU: —So it would seem.

Rinne: Gyahahahaha ♪ It's been this long already, what's one day more?

Anyway — check out this crowd. Niki's obsession sure paid off.

It'd be a damn shame if we snuck off the man-of-the-hour responsible for all this, wouldn't it?

Mao: Haha… Cinnamon really is bursting at the seams.

Check it out, Ritsu. Your idea's what inspired this menu.

It's just too bad we couldn't report it during the "Idol Linkterview"~... We've already finished recording and all — what awful luck.

Ritsu: Mmm, I wouldn't really say I came up with anything though… It was Shiina-senpai's idea, wasn't it?

Anyway, it's more than enough that you know how amazing I am, Maakun ♪

I want people to know me better as an idol, too, but… more than that, I wanted you to see how I was doing.

That's more than enough for me.

S'why I had so much fun chatting with you for this project, since we hadn’t been talking for a while ♪

Mao: Ritsu…

Thanks. I'm really looking forward to your turn as the host, too… If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to ask me ♪

Ritsu: Heheh~. Then you wouldn't mind carrying me and all that editing equipment, right~?

Mao: Hey, now… Don't ask me to do something that heavy all of a sudden, please~? I mean, use your common sense...

Niki: ——Order Number Twenty~?

Ahh, perfect… Mao-kun and Ritsu-kun are here too, huh?

Thank you for your patience. Here you are — colas for five!

Mao: This isn't… just cola. There's a whole bunch of food too — is this for someone else too?

Niki: No, not at all! It's just… I wanted to show you guys my appreciation…?

It's thanks to all of you that I was able to come across a new, wonderful dish — no. That I was able to grow a little more as a chef.

There are people out there who enjoy my cooking — and I couldn’t have made it happen on my own...

This is my way of thanking you guys for reminding me of how miraculous that is—

I put my all into these dishes, so eat and drink to your heart's content ♪