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(Tsukasa Suou) Please Teach Me! Ritsu-senpai1

Tsukasa: Senpai! Please tutor2 me!

Ritsu: Ehh, don't wanna.

Tsukasa: I wasn't expecting anything from you!

Hm, is Narukami-senpai absent? This is classroom 2-B, correct?

Ritsu: Ahhh, Nacchan huh~... Nacchan said something about having modelling work to do with Secchan.

I think they’re both gonna head straight home once they’re done, so Knights is taking the day off, yeah?

Tsukasa: Eeh? Well, there’s no helping it if they have work, but I'd like to be told about this sort of thing beforehand!

I feel like I'm always being treated as some sort of underling, or rather, I'm being made light of!

Ritsu: Huh, you weren't told?

That's actually surprising~. Secchan's pretty strict when it comes to following his policy of “report, communicate, consult”.

Suuchan, you sure you didn't just miss a message on the school's SNS?

Tsukasa: Eh, there’s no way that I—...?

Ahh, there certainly is a message posted there that says, “Sorry, today's lessons are canceled”!

Ughh, I turn my Smartphone off during class, so I hadn’t noticed! What a terrible mistake!

Ritsu: Well really, it's also Secchan's fault for telling us about it just today.

Lately he's been forced to return to model work or something like that, so things have been really hectic, I think?

Putting that aside. You were saying something about tutoring, but what about it?

Don't I always say not to bring up anything troublesome?

You’re always doing stuff like that, like with Duel and aaall...

You keep bringing over unnecessary work and trouble… It’s honestly a pain.

Tsukasa: I-it's due to my senior's lack of motivation that I am always running around and getting into difficult situations! Please do some self-reflection, Ritsu-senpai!

Mao: Heeey. I dunno why you’re fighting, but quit it... You're from the same unit; try to get along.

Tsukasa: Wha—? Y-you're Trickstar's... Ma-Maakun? Senpai?

Mao: You only sort of remember my name, huh... We're something like rivals, so try to have a little more interest in us...

I'm Trickstar's Isara Mao, nice to meet you~♪

Tsukasa: I-it is not nice to meet you! All of you are our rivals, rivals!

Ritsu: Hey… Suuchan, don't be so rude to my Maakun.

Tsukasa: Wh, what am I being scolded for? Whose side are you really on, Ritsu-senpai!?

Ritsu: Fufufu~ I’ll always be on Maakun’s side, no matter what...♪

Mao: Alright, that's enough.

Hey Suou, you said something about tutoring... Was there something you didn’t understand in class? If you’re alright with it, I could give you some advice.

Tsukasa: Eh, uh? Well yes, I do, but!

I haven't fallen so far that I would ask someone from our arch-nemesis Trickstar for assistance!

Mao: Mm... It's not like we're in the middle of a Live. Without that, we're just an ordinary senior-junior pair at school.

It'd be my pleasure to tutor you a little.

Helping out an enemy who's in trouble is said to have happened in history too.

Tsukasa: Geez, I'm aware of that. That is bushido; we of Knights have something similar to that by which we measure ourselves.

However, urmm...?

Mao: Ahaha. If you really hate the idea of me tutoring you that badly, then you could always ask Ritsu. He’s actually really smart, y’see.

Tsukasa: Huh? Is that really true?

That's surprising. I thought his brain cells would have gone extinct from sleeping so much!

Mao: Actually, the fact that he’s slept through so many classes, yet still managed to stay in this school by repeating a year just shows how good his grades are.

He’s excellent at being an idol, but he’s also really good at studying, too. Right, Ritsu ♪

Ritsu: Fufun. Getting praised by Maakun feels good ♪

But tutoring's still too hard. It's just a pain.

Mao: C’mon, don’t say that. Help out your cute junior every once in awhile.

Everyone in Trickstar's the same age, so I'm a little jealous that you have juniors who need taking care of.

Ritsu: You love taking care of people more than anything3, after all... You may like it, but...

I don't wannaaa, I reaaally don't wanna use any more energy than I have to for Suuchan's sake...

Mao: ...If you keep saying stuff like that, I'll start to hate you, Ritsu.

Ritsu: Ugh~... Maakun's this close to snapping... Why... I didn’t do anything wrong...

This is all your fault, Suuchan... Ugh.

Fine, I get it. It's a pain, but I'll tutor you, since I'd be sad if Maakun hated me...

But aren’t you the type who can study the stuff you don’t get?

Tsukasa: Yes. I am proud to say that I am the top student among the first years, but I am not content with just that. I want to aim even higher.

The Suou family Motto is to always keep moving forward.

Also... Everyone in Class was talking about how their grades improved after their seniors tutored them, so...

Well, I may have also been a little jealous.

So to that end, I also endured shame to come and request the help of my seniors...

... Have I really been a nuisance to you, Ritsu-senpai?

Ritsu: Ugh... Stooop it, acting like a spoiled child with those upturned eyes... That's my weakness. Vampires have lots of those, y’know, it's really annoying.

Oh well, I’ve no other choice. I guess I’ll do things myself for once, instead of leaving it to other people.

I'm not as nice as Secchan and the others though, are you ready for that?

Tsukasa: Yes. That's exactly what I wanted. The road to glory is paved with hardship, after all.

Please instruct me without mercy, Ritsu-senpai ♪

  1. The title is 教えて!凛月先輩, which is probably a reference to 教えて!ギャル子ちゃん (Please Tell Me! Galko-chan), a comedy animanga about high school students asking the titular Galko-chan about this and that. I decided to keep the same structure, but use "teach" instead of "tell" so it'd fit the story better.
  2. 勉強を教える, as well as most conjugations/references to either, are translated as "tutor/tutoring/etc" due to the context of the story.
  3. 三度の飯より好き is an expression that literally means loving something/finding it more important than three meals a day... basically just that it's really really important. Ritsu's making fun of Mao for his busybodyness, as he does.