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Werewolf - Chapter 1

Hiyori: Good grief.... Just where did Jun-kun go?

To think someone like me came all this way on foot, and yet he's not even in his room. He really, truly doesn't get that he belongs to me, does he?

Honestly. And here I had a sudden bout of free time, too. Whatever shall I do...

— Hm? Looks like someone's in the common room?

It seems like they're having a good time, too! Since I just so happen to be free, I'll go check it out! Nice timing, I must say. What a fine weather... ♪

Hello, hello! What are you doing—

Wait, it's Jun-kun! So you've been here all this time?

Jun: Ohh, it's Ohii-san. Something wrong?

Hiyori: You've certainly had the gall to send me on a wild goose chase, haven't you! I'd gone all the way to your room, Jun-kun, and you were here of all places! This is treason, I'd say!

So on that note! Jun-kun, you'll just absolutely have to make it back up to me in earnest! Say, there just so happens to be a limited edition cake in Saison Avenue I've been wanting to try.

Jun: You're the one who dropped by my room out of the blue and got mad on your own, though. I bet you came all the way over here just 'cause you were free or something, right?

But well, sure, I guess. I'll go and buy it for you later, but I'm a li'l busy right now.

Hiyori: Hmm? You mean to say there's something more important than me?

Jun: I promised to play a game of Werewolf right now, y'see. I'll go get it for you when I'm done.

Hiyori: A game of Werewolf? Now that you mention it, it's been all the craze in the dorms recently, hasn't it? What kind of game is it?

Natsume: It’s a game where players are divided into two groups: the villagers and the wereWOLVES. Amidst discusSION, the villager faction kills the werewolves by lynching THEM, while the werewolf faction kills villages by biting THEM.

I suppose a more concise way to put it would be that it’s a game where you outfox one anoTHER, while simultaneously sussing out the liAR.

Hiyori: Hmm. It does sound rather fun, actually?

Sora: Haha~! We’re gonna try playing it with Master and everyone in the Asobi Club today! Ei-chan-senpai said he was gonna play too.

What about you, Dazzling-oniisan? Werewolf’s a game that's more fun the more people there are, after all~. Sora’d love to have you!

Hiyori: Yes, yes. To have your eye on inviting someone like me — you're a child with splendid taste, Sora-kun! I do happen to be free right now, so I suppose I could play along with you too!

Natsume: Ahh… You’re too much of a good KID, Sora. There’s no need to invite someone like HIM.

It’s a communication game where you deduct conclusions and investiGATE, and put your charisma to the TEST.

Surely that’d be far too much for YOU, Tomoe-senpai? Actually, could an oh-so-distinguished noble like you even manage to pretend to be one of the common peoPLE?

Hiyori: Heheh. Don't you worry yourself about me!

Natsume: Uh, I’m not worried about YOU...

Hiyori: I've witnessed my fair share of high society, after all. Compared to sly old dogs who think of nothing besides lining their own pockets, I can see right through the average liar with no trouble at all.

Now, while I can't conceal the aristocratic ways that do so spill forth from within me, I shall simply take on the role as a most aristocratic villager. There won't be any problem now, will there!

Jun: I kinda feel bad for all this... This guy's self-assured as all hell. It's seriously impressive, actually~

Hiyori: Yes, yes. After all, when one has self-confidence there's no need to be shy, is there? You should leave it to me!

Simply follow my lead, just like that one painting by Delacroix! Whichever team I lead will be guaranteed victory, you see!

Natsume: Do you really understand the point of this GAME…? I’m getting HIVES.

You better not confuse everyone's deductions by talking nonSENSE, or mess up the notes when we're trying to lay out our theoRIES.

Sora: Hihi~. So Dazzling-oniisan’s playing too!

Sora's gonna go prep everything, then. Sora thinks everyone else in Asobi Club’ll be coming around soon, and he’s the GM (Game Master) this time!

Jun: Huh? Harukawa-kun, you're gonna be the GM? You could've just been a regular player, though.

Natsume: When it comes to games like THESE, Sora’s synesthesia is overpowERED. It’s not even a game at that point — he’d know when you’re lying right aWAY.

Jun: For real~? So Harukawa-kun's got that kinda special ability.

Either way, though, I did feel like going up against a kid as honest as him would make things easy. He doesn't seem like someone capable of lying.

Sora: Huhu~. Sora is really bad at lying, but it’s different when it’s a game, y’know~?

If it’s necessary to lie according to the game’s rules, Sora can lie properly. It’d be rude to the other players not to! Trolling’s not cool, got it~?

Natsume: That’s RIGHT. As expected of a true gamer like YOU, Sora.

Jun: Hmm~ I see. Since your synesthesia'd help you cheat, you end up as the GM for this kinda game, huh.

Sora: Cheat!? Cheating is totally unforgivable, though~?

Sora would never do that… Sora would never...

Natsume: There THERE. Don’t look so SAD, Sora. Worry not — I’ll exterminate anyone who does you WRONG.

《Prepare to get struck with an eternal curse if you mess with our child.》

Jun: D-dude, that's scary!? I didn't mean anything by that at all, alright~? I was just speaking figuratively.

I’ve never once thought that Harukawa-kun would ever cheat, y'know!

Sora: ...Really?

Jun: Really~

Sora: Hehe~☆ Sora's relieved to hear that!

— Hm? Oh, it looks like everyone's finally coming in, huh~?