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Werewolf - Chapter 2

Sora: (Hehe ♪ Dazzling-oniisan and Shinobu-chan are the werewolves this time, huh~?

Yuu-chan’s the seer, and Master’s the medium.

As for Ei-chan senpai, Jun-chan-senpai, aaand Gambler-oniisan —

—they're all villagers. Sora’s got a good grasp on the situation!

This is gonna be an interesting game, huh~♪ Sora’s looking forward to it!)

Is everyone ready~?

Morning's come~. Please start!

Natsume: AlRIGHT. Tenshouin-senpai — or rather, the old fart is a wereWOLF. Everyone, vote to lynch HIM...♪

Shinobu: Wha!? That's how you're going to start things off!?

Eichi: I object, Sakasaki-kun. Not only to the name you gave me, but even more importantly — why decide I'm a werewolf without any investigation whatsoever?

I’d like to hear your grounds for accusation, at the very least.

Natsume: Because I say you ARE? As you’re the worst person HERE, you old FART.

Eichi: How heartless. I’m a genuine law-abiding villager, you know? Lynching me would do nothing but put the villager faction at a disadvantage.

Shinobu: C-Could the two of you hold on for just a moment...

Yuuta: Sakasaki-senpai and Tenshouin-senpai, please calm down!

Shinobu: (Yuuta-kun...! That's Yuuta-kun for you, coming to the rescue. The game can't keep going like this, so those two have got to be stopped!)

Yuuta: I mean, if we're doing this based on sheer villain vibes, then a certain someone fits the bill even more. Isn't that right, Rinne-senpai? So yeah, let's all vote him out ♪

Shinobu: You too, Yuuta-kun!?

Jun: Both of your grudges are seriously on full display, huh. This ain't even a game anymore.

Rinne: Hold up, don’t just go decidin’ shit on your own! Ya boy’s one of them goody-two-shoe villagers too, yanno!?

Y'know, with the way he's makin' such a fuss to get me, a villager, lynched… Maybe Yuta-kun's actually the werewolf here.

Yuuta: I'm a villager, alright! I swear to God I really am!

Rinne: I don’t trust a single thing that comes outta that mouth of yours. All you gotta do is change one li’l thing and your name gets pretty damn close to Judas, don’t it? 1

Yuuta: Excuse me!? My name's Yu-u-ta! And for the record, it's a tall order asking anyone to trust you!

Hiyori: Say, Jun-kun? Is the game supposed to play out like this?

Jun: Not in the slightest.

Hiyori: Hmm, that so?

Alright, I'd like everyone to stop and listen to me! At this rate, we're not going to get anywhere, are we? First of all, why don't we come out with our various roles?

For your information, I'm an innocent villager of the highest social standing, of course!

Eichi: Well, it’s just as Hiyori-kun says — senseless arguing will only waste time. I don’t have that much to spare, you know?

As for me, I’d like for the seer to reveal himself. We don’t have enough evidence otherwise.

Of course, staying hidden is a viable option, but… we’d simply have to start lynching people at random in that case. That wouldn’t be ideal for either faction, now would it?

Shinobu: Mmm... You've got a point there...

Well, I'll come out with it, then. I got the role of the "seer".

The first villager identity the GM told me was Tenshouin-dono.

Eichi: Fufu. That’s proof enough of my innocence, isn’t it? Too bad.

Natsume: Tch... But we still don’t know whether or not Shinobu-kun’s telling the TRUTH.

Yuuta: Huh? W-Wait a minute! I'm the real seer!

And on that note, the villager I learnt of was Sakasaki-senpai.

Natsume: HmMM, well, it is true that I am ONE.

(Heheh. I’m not just a villager THOUGH.

I’m the “medium,” though I have to hide THAT. My very existence spells trouble for the “werewolves” who try to deceive everyone else in this PHASE.

After ALL, I can speak with the DEAD.)

NOW, isn’t that STRANGE? For there to be two “seers” HERE... That is to say: one of you is a sham — a werewolf in sheep’s cloTHING.

Yuuta: Seriously~? I'm the real deal, though...

Shinobu: N-No, I am?

Jun: Hm? Speaking of which, aren't any other roles gonna out themselves? I guess it's typical for the "medium" to stay low, huh? I'm a villager, for the record.

Eichi: Ah, I see. With that, all of us have outed ourselves. Now - what shall we do?

Rinne: There’s nothin’ else to do but hang the two seers one after the other, yeah? The real one might bite the dust, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get the werewolf too.

Hiyori: I do wonder about that? As it stands, these two are in a gray zone ready to be lynched at any time. I believe it's worth noting that we could get even more information from actively leaving them alone!

After all, should we choose the wrong one to lynch, it'll be a breeze for the werewolves to control

Rinne: Man, you can think that way all you want, but that just looks like you’re a werewolf protectin’ his packmate, y’know? Hiyori-chan?

Hiyori: I'm fully prepared to be suspected for speaking up, of course. But it's precisely because I'm innocent that I can come out and say all this, you know!

Rinne: Whatever you say. By the way, I’ve been wonderin’ about somethin’...

You ain’t talked at all, Sazamin. Ain’t that sus? You tryin’ to keep somethin’ from us?

Jun: Wha!? You've got the wrong idea, man. I'm just overwhelmed by your combined enthusiasm.

Rinne: Then lemme make it a li’l easier for you. Tell us whatcha got, Sazamin!

Jun: Hmm... I guess I'd agree with Ohii-san here...

It's true that the more info we have, the more likely it'll be for us to get confused in this game, but if we let 'em live I feel like it'll be easier to find the second werewolf as well.

Watching out for who tries to protect each other is gonna prove to be important, I feel.

Hiyori: Yes, yes, Jun-kun. That's exactly it!

Sora: (Haha~♪ Dazzling-oniisan and Shinobu-chan sure are amazing at this, huh~? They’ve got the appearance of being villagers down pat!)

  1. Rinne's nickname for Yuuta is Yuta (ユタ), which, upon adding a dakuten to the last syllable, transforms it into Judas (ユダ) of Biblical traitor fame.