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Werewolf - Chapter 7

Hiyori: Alrighty, let's start from the top!

Natsume: Who died and put you in charge, HUH...

Hiyori: First of all! We all played a game together that day, didn't we?

Jun: And then after that, Ohii-san said he wanted a lil' late night snack...

Natsume: And then we met Sora in the kitCHEN, but he left pretty quickly when he saw us — almost like he was running aWAY.

Hiyori: And that's when it hit me! I just knew Sora-kun would come back. That was my brilliant deduction ♪

Natsume: It was deserving of some PRAISE, I supPOSE.

After THAT, we hid ourselves to see if he'd reTURN, and he did — to get some milk and bottled waTER. That's all the clues we HAVE.

Hiyori: ...Hmmm~

Are you sure you didn't do anything to him before that, Natsume-kun?

Natsume: I said I hadN'T, didn't I?

As for where my concern LIES...

Sora hurries back to his room as soon as our work for the day is DONE.

But according to his roomMATE, Mikejima-senpai, Sora's rarely around at ALL. Where he actually goes is anyone's GUESS.

Jun: ...Oh. Speaking of which—

Hiyori: Jun-kun, did you remember something?

Jun: Nah~ I dunno if it's got anything to do with this, but lately I've been seeing Harukawa-kun around a lot in places like the first floor, or around the dorms.

But I’m pretty sure I never noticed him around that much before this, so... I'd been thinking how odd it is that I’ve happened to see him so much these days especially.

Well, it probably doesn't have anything to do with the current situation, anyway.

Natsume: In the DORMS? So he's not leaving them, THEN…?

Hiyori: On that note, Sora-kun had a job to do that day, didn't he? Could something have happened to him there?

Natsume: Ah, that's RIGHT.

If I remember correctLY, Sora and Kaminari-san were returning together from work that DAY.

I happened to see them from the window in the hallWAY… They seemed to have been having a serious conversaTION.

Hiyori: ? Kaminari-san...? Sora-kun's friends with the god of thunder? 1

Natsume: Ah, that would be what I call Arashi Narukami-kun.

Hiyori: That makes sense — from Narukami, yes? Then, could something have happened to him and Arashi-kun? That would be my deduction, anyway.

Jun: Not one of those are deductions at all, y'know. Anyone just listening in could've come up with 'em...

Hiyori: Considering how it was my ingenious conversational prowess that summoned forth Natsume-kun's memory, it's my achievement no matter how you look at it!

Anyway, moving on! Arashi-kun should be coming home at night, yes? In that case, we should drop by for a little chat.

Hm? It's already gotten rather late all the while we've been talking, hasn't it? Arashi-kun should be back soon, too—

Arashi: Oh, did I hear someone calling for me just now?

—Ah, it’s you three?

Why’re you all gathered up here…? I thought I heard my name?

Natsume: What perfect tiMING. We were just about to head to your room to ask you someTHING, Kaminari-san.

Arashi: You were? What is it? If it's the secret to my absolutely stunning good looks, well, that's not something I can just give up, you know?

Natsume: Don't worRY, I'm not interested in that at ALL.

Arashi: Aww, how cold… You should've played along with me a little there…!

Natsume: Putting that aSIDE, I wanted to ask you about Sora. He's been avoiding me lateLY, but I can't figure out why that IS.

Not too long aGO, you and Sora returned at around ten at night, RIGHT? The two of you seemed to be having quite a serious discusSION.

Hiyori: Yes, yes. We have reason to believe that therein lies the reason for Sora-kun's mysterious behavior!

Natsume: Just ignore Tomoe-senpai's little detective rolePLAY. AnyWAY, what were you and Sora talking about THEN?

Arashi: Ahhhh… That, huh...

Natsume: Hmm, so you do have some iDEA?

Arashi: ......

I'm soooo sorry! I'd love to tell you everything myself, Natsume-chan, but… he and I made a promise not to.

But I think we’ll be able to explain it in a little bit, so if you could just give us a teensy bit more time… Won't you please?

Natsume: In other WORDS, the reason Sora's avoiding me has something to do with the promise between you TWO?

Arashi: Mmhmm. If I'm thinking right about the night you're talking about.

Natsume: ...Alright, FINE. I guess you have to keep your proMISE. That’s what Sora wants, RIGHT? If it IS, then I'll be paTIENT.

I suppose I'll be able to understand the reason in due TIME.

Arashi: Mhm.

Sora: Arashi-onee~sa—

Wh—!? Master!? W-What're you doing here!?

  1. One of the names for the Thunder God in Japanese myth and Shinto religion.