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Werewolf - Chapter 8

Natsume: Sora.

Sora: Master~... Did... Arashi-oneesan tell you everything?

Natsume: No. I didn't want to press the issue unless you wanted to tell ME.

You told me on stage you wanted to smile and be happy with ME… So I decided I'd believe in YOU, and that I'd wait until you were ready to TALK.

Sora: ......

Arashi: My my… Sora-chan, I know I’m the one who made us promise about this, but say, maybe it's about time we told everyone what's up?

Hiyori: A promise you made?

Arashi: Yep. I didn't think it'd turn out to be such a big deal, though… It was totally careless of me. Sorry, Sora-chan.

Sora: Arashi-oneesan didn't do anything wrong! Sora's the one who didn't do this properly.

Having to lie to my precious Master was really… really painful for Sora.

Arashi: Mmmhmm, so don't stress over it anymore. Let's tell everyone exactly what's been going on.

Sora: ...Okay. The truth is, on that day, we found a lost kitten in the courtyard.

It was just a little thing, yanno~? Sora thought if he just left it alone, the crows might find it and give it a hard time.

But if Sora picked it up… It would've been safe from any danger, but then it'd be separated from its family.

Sora was totally at a loss. He felt really, really sad thinking about if he ever got separated from Master and Senpai.

So Sora decided to reunite the kitten with its family.

Arashi: That's right. Did you know? Stray cats are awfully sensitive creatures.

They're totally not used to people, right? But if anyone happened to touch the kitten, they'd get their human scent on it.

And if the mama cat finds a human hanging around when she comes looking for her child, she might just leave and never return.

Because of that, Sora-chan asked if I could help him out, so I told him:

“Let’s secretly hide it here and not tell a soul until its mother comes back.” Well, Mama happened to come by and find out, though.

That's why Sora-chan tried so hard to keep his promise to me.

Natsume: I see… So the milk and the bottled water from that night were for the kitTEN.

Arashi: Mmhmm, exactly.

Sora: If Master ever asked, Sora thinks he would've just ended up telling him everything… That's why Sora made sure to stay away from Master as best he could.

Natsume: So that's all it WAS?

Ah… I'm so GLAD. It's such a relief to know you weren't actually wrapped up in something WEIRD.

Sora: Master...

Arashi: Well, I'm glad that we solved this little misunderstanding between you two ♪

Jun: Hmm, aren't we kinda intruding on their little moment?

Ohii-san, maybe we oughta leave 'em to it and bounce?

Hiyori: ......

Jun: Huh? What're you so lost in thought for?

Hiyori: Say, Jun-kun. The cat we saw earlier in the courtyard... Could that have been the kitten's mother?

Jun: Ah! Now that you mention it...

Arashi: Really!? You're like, super serious!?

I'm gonna go see how the little kitten's holding up!

You two take good care of Natsume-chan and Sora-chan, okay? ♪

Jun: Huh? You're dumping this on us just as we were on our way out?

Hiyori: Well, there's nothing wrong with that, is there? Great detectives and great investigators alike must see things through to the end, after all!

Jun: Are you still going on with that...?

Sora: Sora really is sorry… Master...

Natsume: You've got nothing to apologize FOR. Just because I was worried about you doesn't mean I was MAD.

Sora: That's not it… Sora was being such a coward...

Natsume: A coWARD…? What do you MEAN?

Sora: Sora wanted to return the kitten to a warm family, like Master and Senpai are to him.

But from a different perspective, it might've seemed like Sora was just abandoning it...

And then, what if Master thought Sora meant to leave the kitten all on its lonesome? What if he'd hate Sora for it? Sora was just so scared of that, and it gave him another reason to keep it a secret.

Sora's such a scaredy-cat...

Natsume: How stuPID..

Sora: Uh-huh, Sora really was stupid… Do you think less of him now, Master…?

Natsume: That's not what I MEANT...

What's stupid is worrying that I'd ever hate YOU.

I would never think less of YOU, Sora. Even if there comes a day when the whole world becomes your eneMY, Ican say with full confidence that I will always be on your SIDE.

What I would think of is praising you a whole lot after hearing your side of the STORY, but I would never, ever think badly of YOU, or consider you a coWARD.

Sora: ...Really? Master'd praise Sora…?

Natsume: Of course I WOULD. But I was lonely when you ran from ME.

You don’t have to do that anymore, RIGHT? I'd be much happier if I could just hug you like I normally DO.

Sora: Master…! Sora's super sorry he made you feel so lonely…!

Natsume: There THERE ♪ You did your BEST… You're such a good BOY, Sora.

Hiyori: Heheh. And with that, this case is closed! Here's the thrilling conclusion!

Arashi: Hold on right there! It's a little too early for the curtain call!

Sora-chan, Sora-chan! The kitten's mama's come to pick it up!

Sora: Really!?

Arashi: It's such a moving scene! We can sneak a peek out from the window in the hallway! But we've gotta totally hurry!

Sora: Okay! Let's go!

Hiyori: What a fine weather ☆ Let's go have a look too, Jun-kun!

Jun: Alrighty~

Sora: Master, you oughta come see too! Hurry, hurry!

Natsume: Wh— hey, come ON!? D-Don't grab my hand so suddenLY, Sora! I'd come along anyWAY, you really don't need to worRY!

Sora: No way, Master~! Sora never wants to separate from Master again! And he doesn't want to lie to him again either!

Sora was never really meant to be a lying werewolf after all, huh~?

Sora’s the same as Dazzling-oniisan! — Sora loves, loves, loves happy endings too!