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Winter Santa - Chapter 1

Hajime: Oh, wow... It's so beautiful...~☆

Look, Tomoya-kun! Everything’s all aglow!

And there's a huge Christmas Tree... It really gets you into the Christmas spirit, doesn't it? ♪

Tomoya: Yeah, it's almost here. It sure is easy to get all hyped up about this time of year.

First there's Christmas, and then New Year's... Winter's jam-packed with fun.

Yumenosaki's got StarFes, one of the biggest events of the season, on Christmas Day too - it's super exciting.

Hajime: StarFes, huh... I'm really nervous about it. It's an S1 event, so basically every unit'll be in it...

I wonder just how big it's going to be this time.

Tomoya: The numbers at Halloween Party were pretty crazy after all!

The crowds at the Tanabata Festival were huge too, and they’re probably just going to get bigger with each event... I can't even begin to imagine how crazy StarFes is gonna be.

The only thing I can say for sure is that we can't just relax and enjoy Christmas, seeing as StarFes is on the same day.

We're already starting to get busy with practice for it... It might get harder to just drop by and hang around the shopping district like this.

Oh, is that why you said you wanted to, Hajime?

Hajime: Ahaha, nothing gets past you, does it?

But that's not the only reason why. More than anything, I wanted to show my younger brother and sister the town all decked out for the holidays.

There’s a lot of snow though, and so many people to boot... It’s too dangerous for them to come, so I’ll just take a picture on my phone and show them instead.

I’m sure they’ll be delighted if I take a lot of pictures.


Tomoya: You oughta take one with the Christmas tree too, Hajime.

Hajime: Aah!? No, that’s alright...! I’d much rather take one with the both of us, Tomoya-kun!

They’ll ask me why I wasn’t with you otherwise!

Tomoya: Huh. Do we really seem like we’re always together..?

Turn on selfie mode and get closer then. You’re out of frame, you know~?

Hajime: O-Okay. Cheese...☆

Ehehe, it looks great... I feel like I’ve gotten my Christmas present a little early ♪

Tomoya: Is this really good enough for a present? Shouldn’t it be a little more...

Actually, while we’re on the topic — are you going to buy presents, Hajime?

Hajime: Yes. I was going to hand them out to my friends in my class and to everyone who’s been looking out for me in some way...

I splurged to make sure everyone’d get something they’d be happy with ♪ I’ve been saving my allowance up for this day...

Tomoya: Aren’t you going way too hard...?

...Well, I was planning on giving something to everyone in my class too, along with Anzu-san and the seniors in my club too, so I’ve got a lot to get too...

I only wanted to get Hokuto-senpai something, but there’s that annoying Masked Pervert to think about too. Otherwise he’d probably make a fuss... I guess I better get him a little something.

And everyone in Ra*bits too. We’re gonna be really busy, but I think it’d be fun to exchange gifts at a Christmas party.

Madara: Come one, come all! You, young lady! You too, sir, and you as well, granny — come closer, come take a look!

We’ve got a cake so tasty your cheeks’ll hurt from grinning so hard, and it can be yours for just 3000 yen! That’s low, isn’t it? It’s affordable, right? If you don’t take advantage of this offer, you’ll be missing out! ☆

Hajime: Eeep!? Wh-What was that... I heard someone shouting over that way...?

Tomoya: Mmm, it sounds like some kind of solicitation...

...Actually, hold up!? Isn’t that Mikejima-senpai and Narukami-senpai in front of that cake shop?

Hajime: Ah, it really is. It’d be rude to just walk past them too, since we know them, so... Let’s go say hi, Tomoya-kun ♪