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Winter Santa - Chapter 2

Madara: What’s the matter, Arashi-san! You’ve gotta yell from your belly, you know!

Let’s do it together now! Come one, come aaaaall ♪

Hajime: U-Um...? Hello, Mikejima-senpai, Narukami-senpai...?

Madara: Oooh, some lovely customers showed right up! We’ve got a whole cake on sale for just 3000 yen! It’s got plenty of strawberries, so it’s veeery delicious ♪

Hajime: Y-You’ve got it all wrong. We’re not customers...

Are the two of you part-timing at this shop?

Madara: Yep. I got asked by an acquaintance to help out, so I’m advertisiiing! Christmastime is one of the busieeest times of the year for cake shops.

Come now, Arashi-san. Don’t look so dour! I want you to smile from ear to eaaar!

If it’s too embarrassing for you to call out like this, then I can do it on my own...

For now, you can walk down the street, smiling and waving.

You’re a beautiful woman, so I’m sure everyone would stop for you!

Arashi: First off, that’s exactly what I agreed to.

And yet here I am, standing around in the cold in my school uniform... What if I catch a cold?

Madara: Don't sweat it! I’ve put hand warmers in both of our uniforms.

I’m so warm that in fact, I could throw off my jacket!

Arashi: Fine, I stand corrected about the cold, but this still so isn’t worth it.

The only reason I agreed to this in the first place was because you said all I’d need to do would be to stand here dressed in a cute Santa-themed outfit.

This is basically petty fraud, Mama. Were you lying from the start when you told me about that cute Santa suit?

Madara: No, I was telling the truuuth! I’ve prepared a cute Santa costume!

That saaaid... It’s a costume meant for women, so it might be hard for you to wear. You didn't want to wear anything too tight-fitting, right?

Arashi: That's exactly right. Ugh, I’m totally not in the mood anymore... Can I go home, Mama?

Madara: Weeelll... We still haven’t hit our quota yet, so we’d be in a bit of a bind if you went diiid... Can you stay and help out for just a little longer, Arashi-san?

I’ll treat you to some delicious cake as thanks ♪

Arashi: Hmmmm, I’m gonna have to pass.

Madara: Huh? Do you hate sweets, Arashi-san? How straaange, I seem to recall you being a fan of sweet stuff, if pressed for an answer.

Arashi: I love sweets, but I’ve been putting on the pounds lately, so I can’t have any.

So like, telling me you’ll treat me with some cake... puts me in a pinch, you know?

Madara: Hmmm, but you don't look like you've gained as much weight as you say to meee... Isn't it just muscle?

Arashi:Honestly, Mama! You know I’m self-conscious about having a body type that gains muscle far too easily!

Madara: Sorry, sorryyy! But I seeee.

And here I thought you'd be helping me from tomorrow onwards too... I'm in a piiiiinch!

Arashi: I mean, what'd you need me to help out that long for? I was only supposed to help you for today, wasn't I?

Madara: No, no, I meant a few days starting from today. Did I forget to mention that, Arashi-san?

Well, since there's an S1 on Christmas... I took this job ‘cause it wouldn’t clash with that or Christmas Eve, just the lead up to it.

In any case, I’ve been asked to help out tomorrow and the day after for the time being.

I can try to get someone to sub in for tomorrow on the day, but it'll be hard to get anyone else for today...

Arashi-san, I'm begging you! I'll throw myself at your feet if I have to — anything so that you'll stay and help me out!

Arashi: Everyone's going to give us weird looks if you throw yourself on the ground like that, you know. Ugh, fine.

They do say, "In travelling, a companion; in life, sympathy"... I'll stick it out until the very end then.

Tomoya: Um... You seem busy, so we’ll just take our leave, alright?

Uhhh, good luck with the advertising. C’mon, Hajime, let’s jet.

Wouldn't want to get in their way, after all... Working part-time as a hawker seems pretty rough.

Actually, you have experience with that kind of thing, right? Is it that hard?

Hajime: ...

Tomoya: Hajime? Helloooo, Earth to Hajime!

Hajime: Ah — huh? What is it, Tomoya-kun?

Tomoya: You seem way out of it. What’s up? Anything I can help with?

Hajime: Ah, it’s nothing. I was just thinking about what to do for dinner tonight...

Our parents’ll get worried if we’re late getting home. Let’s hop to it, Tomoya-kun ♪